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  1. Which version of Mac OS!?

    The problem comes when I restarted the computer. Upon booting up, the chameleon bootloader fires up & then restarts within a second or 2 of the Apple screen popping up. I am not experienced enough with this type of thing to know what I am really doing or how to get screenshots of error messages (none are visible) and then keeps rebooting over and over. I also tried the cpu=1 / cup=2 but still geting reboot loop. Am I missing somethings?
  2. Which version of Mac OS!?

    Hi, I happened to installed iATKOS_S3v2 10.6.3 on my PC finally. However, I am getting reboot loop right after the first reboot. What would be the problem and can someone tell me what to do now? Thanks!
  3. Which version of Mac OS!?

    thanks! I will study the article and try for my PC over the weekend. Thanks!
  4. Which version of Mac OS!?

    Hi, new to InsanelyMac. I never had Mac OS experience and wish to try it on my PC. My PC is not branded desktop. The following are the config. of my PC. AMD Bulldozer FX-6100 Asus M5A88-M motherboard 4GB x 2 of DDR3-1333 Ram WD 500GB SATA HDD I use the HDMI video port on motherboard for video output. Can someone tell me which version of Mac OS could be install on my PC so I can taste Mac? Thanks!