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    Can you post it? I really don't know how to make one nor imagine what it looks like I just need it to boot up the GUI in Lenovo B570, according to the guide, of course Anyways, thanks .
  2. Zephyrart


    Does anyone have the smbios.plist file for Macbook pro 8,1? If not, can you explain to me on how you can make it? I kinda wanna try out osx86
  3. All I needed was the dual boot. You, sir, are a genius!
  4. Zephyrart

    Introduce yourself.

    My name is Joe. Currently running Windows 7 on Lenovo b570 and is willing to change that to Lion 10.7.2 soon
  5. Zephyrart

    Lenovo B570

    Where can I get the smbios.plist for Macbook pro 8,1? Or do I have to make it myself?