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  1. Hi Geeks, I Had a very annoying Message while booting the iAtkos v7,i just capture a snap-sort of the display message which i had attached with this post, and also a video that will define when the message is been displayed, please help me guyz if anyone had this issue before or know how to get rid of this issue please share. Thank You in Advance & Sorry for Low resolution attachments. Link to the Video : https://www.dropbox....01112_12.32.3gp
  2. Gringo Vermelho, I Had Just Buyed a GPU Still i can't change the resolution ,the GPU details are below: Graphics Engine GeForce GTX 550 Bus Standard PCI Express x16 2.0 Memory Type GDDR5 Memory Size(MB) 1024 Sharder Clock Speed (MHz) N/A Memory Interface 192 bits Core Clock Speed(MHz) 950 Memory Clock Speed(MHz) 4300 Memory Bandwidth(GB/sec) N/A Texture Fill Rate(billion/sec) N/A DVI Output 2 D-SUB Output 2(optional, via DVI to D-Sub adaptor) HDMI-Output 2(Optional, via Mini HDMI to HDMI dongle) Mini HDMI-Output 1 DisplayPort N/A Mini DisplayPort N/A TV-Output N/A VIVO(Video-in/out) N/A HDTV Support N/A HDCP Support Y HDMI Support Y Dual-link DVI Y Display Output (Max Resolution) 2560x1600 RAMDACs 400 DirectX Version Support 11 OpenGL Version Support 4.0 CrossFire Support N/A SLI Support Y 3-way SLI Y HyperMemory Tech. N/A TurboCache tech. N/A Card Dimension(mm) 210x140x35mm Weight N/A
  3. After installing my iAtkos v7 on my Intel Chipset i found a very Critical issue,Specially for the Previously Windows users that is Shortcuts are now working Correctly So after a frustration i Wrote this post that might solve your issues This post explains the steps I took to make my PC keyboard work more like a Mac keyboard. The goal here is not necessarily for keys with the same names to be in the same position (e.g., the Ctrl key), but rather to have the same functionality across platforms when pressing keys located in the same positions. When I started using OS X, I quickly realized that it uses a different set of key bindings. For example, the key binding for copying is Command-C, and the Command key on a Mac keyboard is located in a different position than the Ctrl key is on a PC keyboard. I decided right away to modify the Mac key bindings so they would be more like the bindings that I was familiar with. If I was committed to completely switching platforms, I would have given more consideration to learning a new set of key bindings. However, since I was still planning on using multiple platforms, I wanted to make switching back and forth as seamless as possible. Here are the steps for configuring the Mac’s keyboard to work like a PC keyboard. Step 1. Configure Modifier Keys The first step is changing the Modifier Keys… settings in the keyboard settings in system preferences. The settings are shown below. Click Apple icon on Menu Bar >> System Preferences . . . >>Keyboard & Mouse >>Modifier Keys After that Configure the settings as in the picture. . .same to same... Step 2. Create DefaultKeyBinding.dict The next step is to create a DefaultKeyBinding.dict file to add additional settings that make the bindings more similar to a PC (e.g., Ctrl-Left to move the cursor one word left, which will now be Command-Left on the Mac since the Command key is now—after Step 1—located where Ctrl is on a PC keyboard). I used KeyBindingsEditor to create the following DefaultKeyBinding.dict file: DefaultKeyBinding.dict DefaultKeyBinding.dict.zip The file should be saved to ~/Library/KeyBindings/, where ~ denotes your home directory. If you can’t see the Library directory in Finder, then click Go –> Go to Folder…, and enter ~/Library. Here Generally You Would not find the KeyBindings folder So go ahead and create it and place the DefaultKeyBinding.dict DefaultKeyBinding.dict.zip file in it . . .Thats it Done!! Restart and Works
  4. Thanks Gringo Vermelho, For Such a Fast Response, do u mean that if i but a graphics Card then my resolution would become native??
  5. hello just iATKOS v7 and everything's working fine . Usb , wireless , all are OK except Screen resolution Currently in Mac OS X the screen resolution is 1024 x 768 The Below Screen Shot Displays the Present Display Hardware Settings The Below Screen Shot Displays My Monitor's Specification Details. Please Help Me Guyz.
  6. Samrat Saha

    Updating iAtkos V7 (OS 10.5.7) to 10.5.8

    Hey,eddiebelfast I m pretty new to this mac integration world, and recently booted my system withe iAtkos v7 it is working like a charm,But as i googled the next versions are pretty more awesome so i would be really thankfull if u kindly help me out to know how to upgrade my 10.5.7 to Snow Leopard,Lion or Mountain Lion. . .Please Help Buddy
  7. Hi Geeks , I am just confused :| about how to start over as just downloaded a copy of iatkos v7.iso and just want a help to show me the next way to success,please help!!! I had googled about my hardware compatibility with mac integration.i just find a guy had just installed mac in his pc having same MB as mine,he sugested iAtkos V7 DVD so i downloaded the iso.. Generally i don't know which drivers to select etc. . .could anyone help ??? Thanks in Advance [Dear Moderators please this topic to desired section if needed ] UPDATE: Succesfully Installed Mac OS X so requesting Moderators to Close this topic. Thanks