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  1. TerraPhantm

    x86 Xbench Results Thread

    specs: Q6600@3.7GHz, 9800GTX, 4GB OCZ RAM at 1095 MHz
  2. Hi, I have a question, I've got this mostly set up, I can boot directly from the harddrive and everything, but I'm having trouble setting up the GFX-Strings. I have a 9800 GTX and I believe I'm using the correct strings in the file, but I still can't get OS X to recognize the vid card. I've searched around, but I haven't found much help. My complete specs are: Intel Core2 Quad Q6600 @ 3.7GHz DFI Lanparty LT X38-T2R 4GB DDR2 memory nVidia 9800GTX 500GB WD SATA HDD (on JMicron controller) 3x1TB Raid5 Array on ICH9R, not used under OSX86 in any way. Pioneer 112L (on JMicron controller.) Any help will be appreciated. Edit: Another problem I have is that I get an instant crash if I boot without the "-v" flag
  3. TerraPhantm

    No video signal with boot 132 and retail DVD

    Well after searching around, I'm pretty sure it's a video driver issue. Can anyone tell me how to modify the boot132 iso under windows so that I can add the gfx-strings for a 9800GTX? I can't find instructions for that anywhere. I don't have access to any mac at all at this point.
  4. Hi, I've been trying to install leopard on my system using boot 132 and the retail disc. It all seems to go well until the point at which I assume the actual installer would display. At this point my monitor thinks it has no signal and turns off. Based on the symptoms I'm guessing it's some kind of video driver issue, but I'm not sure as to how I'd go about fixing that. I'm using the boot 132 iso from this link My PCs specs are: Core2 Quad Q6600 @ 3.7GHz DFI LanParty LT X38-T2R 4GB DDR2 RAM nVidia 9800GTX Pioneer 118L (on JMicron controller) 500GB Western Digital drive (on ICH9R) If it affects anything, I also have 3 1TB drives in a Raid5 with a windows install; I don't expect OS X to be able to interact with this array. Any help will be appreciated
  5. TerraPhantm

    Incorrect RAM Speed and Question about Geekbench

    I'm not sure about your geekbench score. Mine is quite a bit higher (7477), but my system is also faster by a good amount too (Core2 Quad @ 3.7, 9800GTX, 4GBs RAM). My RAM speed also misreports, it's detected at 1033MHz instead of the 1096 that it runs at. I highly doubt the drivers are near as optimized, OSX isn't anywhere near as large of a gaming/benchmarking platform as Windows, so there would be no reason for nVidia to optimize the drivers for it. Here's my geekbench results in case you want to compare things on a case-by-case basis. If any of the single-treaded benchmarks are significantly lower (let's say >25% slower), there may be a problem with your performance. Platform: Mac OS X x86 (32-bit) Compiler: GCC 4.0.1 (Apple Inc. build 5465) Operating System: Mac OS X 10.5.4 (Build 9E17) Model: Hackintosh Motherboard: DFI Inc. LP LT X38 1.0 Processor: Intel(R) Core(TM)2 Quad CPU Q6600 @ 2.40GHz Processor ID: GenuineIntel Family 6 Model 15 Stepping 11 Logical Processors: 4 Physical Processors: 1 Processor Frequency: 3.70 GHz L1 Instruction Cache: 32.0 KB L1 Data Cache: 32.0 KB L2 Cache: 4.00 MB L3 Cache: 0.00 B Bus Frequency: 1.64 GHz Memory: 4.00 GB Memory Type: 1033 MHz DDR2 SDRAM SIMD: 1 BIOS: Phoenix Technologies, LTD 6.00 PG Processor Model: Intel Core 2 Quad Q6600 Integer (Score: 6872) Blowfish single-threaded scalar -- 3063, 1.0, 134.5 MB/sec Blowfish multi-threaded scalar -- 12819, 3.9, 525.3 MB/sec Text Compress single-threaded scalar -- 2917, 1.0, 9.33 MB/sec Text Compress multi-threaded scalar -- 10880, 3.8, 35.7 MB/sec Text Decompress single-threaded scalar -- 2570, 1.0, 10.6 MB/sec Text Decompress multi-threaded scalar -- 10392, 3.9, 41.4 MB/sec Image Compress single-threaded scalar -- 2668, 1.0, 22.0 Mpixels/sec Image Compress multi-threaded scalar -- 10332, 3.9, 86.9 Mpixels/sec Image Decompress single-threaded scalar -- 2169, 1.0, 36.4 Mpixels/sec Image Decompress multi-threaded scalar -- 8202, 3.7, 133.8 Mpixels/sec Crafty Chess single-threaded scalar -- 3149, 1.0, 1.59 Mnodes/sec Crafty Chess multi-threaded scalar -- 8374, 2.6, 4.06 Mnodes/sec Lua single-threaded scalar -- 3760, 1.0, 1.45 Mnodes/sec Lua multi-threaded scalar -- 14923, 4.0, 5.74 Mnodes/sec Floating Point (Score: 11207) Mandelbrot single-threaded scalar -- 2767, 1.0, 1.84 Gflops Mandelbrot multi-threaded scalar -- 11138, 4.0, 7.29 Gflops Dot Product single-threaded scalar -- 4368, 1.0, 2.11 Gflops Dot Product multi-threaded scalar -- 16180, 3.5, 7.37 Gflops Dot Product single-threaded vector -- 3051, 1.7, 3.66 Gflops Dot Product multi-threaded vector -- 10522, 5.2, 10.9 Gflops LU Decomposition single-threaded scalar -- 1056, 1.0, 940.4 Mflops LU Decomposition multi-threaded scalar -- 4222, 3.9, 3.70 Gflops Primality Test single-threaded scalar -- 5258, 1.0, 785.4 Mflops Primality Test multi-threaded scalar -- 15729, 3.7, 2.92 Gflops Sharpen Image single-threaded scalar -- 7440, 1.0, 17.4 Mpixels/sec Sharpen Image multi-threaded scalar -- 28820, 3.8, 66.4 Mpixels/sec Blur Image single-threaded scalar -- 9611, 1.0, 7.61 Mpixels/sec Blur Image multi-threaded scalar -- 36740, 3.8, 28.9 Mpixels/sec Memory (Score: 4030) Read Sequential single-threaded scalar -- 5430, 1.0, 6.65 GB/sec Write Sequential single-threaded scalar -- 4890, 1.0, 3.34 GB/sec Stdlib Allocate single-threaded scalar -- 3049, 1.0, 11.4 Mallocs/sec Stdlib Write single-threaded scalar -- 3290, 1.0, 6.81 GB/sec Stdlib Copy single-threaded scalar -- 3491, 1.0, 3.60 GB/sec Stream (Score: 3439) Stream Copy single-threaded scalar -- 3557, 1.0, 4.86 GB/sec Stream Copy single-threaded vector -- 3859, 1.0, 5.01 GB/sec Stream Scale single-threaded scalar -- 3899, 1.0, 5.06 GB/sec Stream Scale single-threaded vector -- 3718, 1.0, 5.02 GB/sec Stream Add single-threaded scalar -- 2763, 1.0, 4.17 GB/sec Stream Add single-threaded vector -- 3836, 1.3, 5.34 GB/sec Stream Triad single-threaded scalar -- 3039, 1.0, 4.20 GB/sec Stream Triad single-threaded vector -- 2842, 1.3, 5.32 GB/sec
  6. From what I understand it will be a flash of the EEPROM, and the interface is supposed to have a fancy GUI. I doubt it'll be as clean as Apple's, but it's still a nice start, hopefully other companies will follow suit and offer upgrades (assuming other boards have a large enough flash chip)
  7. MSI says that they'll give a free EFI update to anyone who buys one of their P45-based motherboards.
  8. TerraPhantm

    Apple EFI on MSI mobo

    Well I have no idea how EFI works, but generally flashing a traditional BIOS with a flash from another board will result in an unusable motherboard.
  9. TerraPhantm

    Mac Pro Overclocking

    Although traditionally server parts OC better than desktop parts, this doesn't seem to be the case with Intels latest offerings; everything seems to be equal (perhaps intel is just having insane yields). Most of the Quad-core 45nm parts haven't been able to hit 4GHz except for the extreme variants, but 3.2 should be easy to surpass. If I had to guess, the limiting factor is probably the motherboard or RAM not being able handle the increase in FSB clock.
  10. TerraPhantm

    Mac OS X 10.5.4 Released

    Just a minor correction, I don't think it has to be a Core2 Duo; anything w/ the Core2 microarchitecture should work. My Core2 Quad works fine, and I'm sure the Xeon equivalents of the Core2 would also work (like the X3350 or X3220)
  11. TerraPhantm

    Guide to install 10.5.4 update?

    Hmm, I'm not sure. I have a Razer Deathadder, and I knew Razer released a Mac edition of the deathadder so I just grabbed the drivers for that mouse. I'd try installing this. As far as I know, the Pro|Click 1.6 is just a white diamondback, so the software from that might work.
  12. TerraPhantm

    Mac OS X 10.5.4 Released

    I upgraded from Kalyway 10.5.3 to this, and have no problems that I can notice. Internet, audio, video, USB, and AHCI all work fine.
  13. TerraPhantm

    Guide to install 10.5.4 update?

    Yea, I just performed the updates and have no issues whatsoever.
  14. TerraPhantm

    e8400 to 4.5ghz

    On air cooling it would be a bit tough. The best air-cooling would be the ThermalRight Ultra-120 eXtreme, but if you really want to have a shot at 4.5, I'd go for water cooling.
  15. TerraPhantm

    Poor element score on OSX86 Xbench test

    I'm getting the same problem, and my PC is a lot faster than urs (Q6600 @ 3.7GHz, 4GBs RAM, 9800GTX). I haven't really noticed any chopiness w/ the GUI however.