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  1. which video card and how would i install it in an E6420 latitude laptop? just curious because never really took apart a laptop nor do I know which one to get if I were to upgrade to nVidia
  2. Hello PookyMacMan, I checked that site and not seeing any instructions in detail on how to do the DSTS thing, please assist, I just burned a copy of Ubuntu live cd
  3. Any instructions on how to do the dsts in linux? Im a bit of a n00b at this
  4. Not sure if its that one or not but i know its an onboard card, so what is the next step for me to get this thing to work?
  5. As for live linux cd, I dont have one now but can get one... I think i have a sandybridge onboard graphics card
  6. I have also tride enabling it and reinstalling it but still no go
  7. No i did not select that, did I need to?
  8. Hey guys, i was just wondering if someone might be able to help me out. I installed Snow Leopard on my Dell Latitude E6420 using http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=269841 link, it installed fine, but when it restarts after installation i get a Nanoseconds error before it even boots into the desktop.
  9. Hey, I was able to finally get to the installation of it all, and then once it completed installing, it starts to boot up Mac OS X but then i get another nanoseconds error but on the Mac OS X screen with the apple in the center.
  10. Yep already tried that as well, I am not sure which version it is exactly, honestly, i downloaded it, but its supposedly Retail DVD of Snow Leopard. I tired with mech_kernel and just enter and same thing, nanoseconds, maybe different amount of nanoseconds, but still nanoseconds message lol.
  11. Hello I have tried just now again and still no luck. I get to where it says Press any key to continue, so I do, and it goes into the kernel to boot the installation, but then I get the nanoseconds message and that's pretty much it, nothing else from there. (please see attached picture for exact message) I have a stock Dell Latitude E6420 with 16GB RAM, 300 GB Hard Drive with 3 partitions, Windows 7, System Reserved, and a Blank one that I made in order to dual boot. As for processor, according to the sticker on the computer, I have an Intel i7 vPro. I also tried it on an HP DV7 with an Intel i7, Radeo video card, 4GB RAM and 1TB Hard Drive which has Windows 7, System Reserved, and also a Blank one that I made in order to dual boot. But when I try it on the HP, it says Press any key to continue, so I do, and the computer restarts instead of going into the kernel mode to do the installation.
  12. Hello I have a Dell Latitude E6420, will this work on it?