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  1. Clean install: with your unitool I made a usb booting disk I just realized that with your clover you attached, I had NO sound neither wifi. So I put mine back Thanks!
  2. I changed you clover with mine. I do not know where is the first slot, to put mi GPU, the wifi is on the top one, then there is another below it empty: is that the one? I rebooted and the usb 3 is not working yet! The usb 2.0 are working, those are just along side Thanks!
  3. Hi everyone! With the help of UNITOOL (I've tried many of this king before with NO success) I manage to make my USB booting key and finishing my full installation on: * GA H270-HD3-CF * Geforce GT-710 with dual monitor (native nvidia drivers, not the web ones) * intel core i5-7400 (Intel Z370) * Realtek ALC-887 * Wifi AR9287 * RAM = 16Gb * Clover 4411 I attached my specs, if would be useful for any one. EVERYTHING worked nicely except the two front USB3.0, and one random reboot. Any one could have a cloue for this usb 3.0 and random reboot? Thanks a lot! Send me iMac-de-Miguel.zip
  4. MIGUEL A.

    Introduce yourself.

    Hi my name is Miguel, I come from Spain, after a long search I found this nice and helpful forum. It is helping me a lot, although I cannot post since I did not pass the "2nd test" :-( But I do manager to install HS in my PC No matter I'll keeping trying. Greetings to every one!