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  1. Thanks. I thought I had read where there were some problems with MacDrive, but it was an old version (I remember the post was made in 2005), and I don't even remember what the issue was. Hadn't really read up on any of the Mac programs for accessing ntfs. This helps. Regardless of which way I go, I'll still install a program in each OS to access the others, that way I can still get to my Vista partition while in OS X, and to my OS X partition when in Vista. The terabyte drive will be used all the time though, not just for emergencies, so I want to make sure I do it right.
  2. Right...but I'm not going to format the drive as HFS and NTFS, only one or the other. So which is better, MacDrive or ntfs-3g? If MacDrive is better, then I will format the terabyte drive as HFS, access it natively in OS X, and access it through MacDrive in Vista. If ntfs-3g is better, then I will format the terabyte drive as NTFS, access it natively in Vista, and through ntfs-3g in OS X.
  3. Ok, I know the easy way to access an internal drive from both OS X and Vista is to format it as FAT32, however this is a terabyte drive, plus I don't want to deal with the 4GB file size limitation of FAT32. I know there are ways to access an NTFS drive from within OS X, and to access an HFS drive from within Windows, but I don't know which is the best way to do it. I.e. maybe accessing NTFS from OS X is relatively trouble-free while accessing HFS from Vista leads to corrupted drives and all kinds of problems, or vice versa. So, other than just networking the drive (I'll have an external NAS setup, but this particular drive I want to keep internal), what do you recommend?