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  1. I managed to solve a lot fails by looking at the comments and reading the manual.


    i have one single fail left that i couldn't find anything about it:


    OCB: Failed to match a default boot option.


    EDIT: to be clear, the system does boot and all, is just that line appears before booting and is bothering me. 

  2. On 12/16/2018 at 11:13 PM, skinmunster said:

    Hmm, for me, i7-9700k (ok, no HT as 9900k) with UHD630 is working with acceleration with HDMI (and also with DP) [output from VDADecoderChecker].

    Board: Asus Prime Z370-A.


    From your EFI, try to disable some more DSDT-Patches (HECI to IMEI and GFX0 to IGPU).

    I'm using same device-id / platform-id as you mentioned.




    Can you share your config and what Kexts u used to get signal thru hdmi ?

  3. Anyone here could test the old AppleHDA Patcher

    I made a small change in the script bcc9 for
    to support 10.12.

    I got this , (ALC892

    EDIT : I got sound using  AppleALC.kext from page 8 but no Mic

    Number found where operator expected at ./patch-hda.pl line 147, near "0x11d4198b"
    	(Missing semicolon on previous line?)
    syntax error at ./patch-hda.pl line 147, near "0x11d4198b"
    Execution of ./patch-hda.pl aborted due to compilation errors.
    Copying README file
    Creating zip file

  4. Anyone encountering sleep issues with AMD GPUs on El Capitan? It works 100% fine on Mavericks and Yosemite with the same settings, probably related to the drivers.


    Edit: To be specific, the display tries to wake up from sleep, but never actually does (all that's output to the monitor is "No signal").

    yes i have the same, system wakes up , but no signal 

    works in Yosemite but not DP 7 El capitan