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  1. DSDT_lenovo_G460

    what is your wifi chipset?
  2. (1st Gen) Intel HD Graphics Kexts

    guys, im using this modified kext on my macOS Sierra... my dev id = 0046 LENOVO G460 so, im use the modified framebuffer.... im try... but im stuck (cannot enter graphic) when boot in verbose... it hang after "DSMOS Has Arrived ... NTFS blablaballa... " in previous version of osx (el capitan).. this kext work fine... any solution guys? maybe im forgot the method?? thanks... sorry my english..
  3. oh i finally can continue the installation process... here what im doing: use - MacBook 6,1 SMBIOS - MBR Patch
  4. hi guys, how to get rid of message "This version of macOS 10.12 cannot be installed on this computer" and to continue the installation process? i didn't get that message on previous version of OSX (el capitan)... maybe some patches or config??? thxx...
  5. hi guys, umm actually i have some experience about installing some hackintosh on my old pc... actually it just work... but as the newer version of OSX, the variety problem occurs, but it slowly resolved... except this one, this newer problem anoyying me... i have problem installing the macOS Sierra on my Lenovo G460 when i successfully booting the installer via usb, i cannot continue to install this version of OSX because there are some messages "This version of macOS 10.12 cannot be installed on this computer" previously i had no problem entering installer on my laptop on previously version of OSX (el capitan).. So, how to fix this error, to letting me continue the installation process?? my laptop spec maybe the minimum: 2GB RAM Intel HD Graphic Legacy Bios sorry my english.. thx
  6. hey hackintosher, after i upgrade my osx 10.8 to 10.8.2 , the QE not work, but CI is working at my native res. 1366x768. i has add dev id (0x94981002) to ati4600controller and atiradeonx2000 but the QE not work. how to fix this? can someone give me exotic patch for 46xx ? my vga card is ati radeon hd 4650 (0x9498) 1gb . vendor xfx thank for advance. sorry for my english.
  7. please help me. how to fix blackscreen. this is happen when i install the kexts (ATI4600Controller.kext , ATIRadeonX2000.kext, and so-on) from other forums thread for my (ATI) xfx 4650 for enable full resolution and qe/ci. but when i install it, my monitor goes no signal. my pci id is (0x9498) or (0x94981002). and i already add this dev id to these kexts. My Monitor is acer p166hql (max res: 1366x768). when i rebuild kext cache , fix permission for /S/L/E . and so-on then i restart to apply changes. but after boot, my lcd goes blank "No Signal". Others forums suggest to use dvi. why must use dvi ? i dont know why must dvi. and i dont have dvi cable/adaptor. i just use VGA cable. Can it work ? Thank you. I really need you help. sorry my english.
  8. hello everybody, im new user here. can i install osx lion on my pc without installing the previous of osx version(snow leopard/leopard) my pc specs: motherboard: ECS G41T-R3 ram:2gb ddr3 vga : radeon hd 4650 processor: intel dualcore sse3 hdd : 250gb sata please help me. im very noob sorry my english