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  1. [GUIDE] OS X Lion on ThinkPad W520

    ok to anyone that's stuck on the part with the HEX editing of environment.dll you need to do a search for string E0 00 74 31 and you will find the right place to edit. Took awhile to figure but at least i did Thanks for all the help so far gothic and i will write again hopefully from OS X with wireless access!
  2. [GUIDE] OS X Lion on ThinkPad W520

    so I just checked the Wifi card i receieved and as always lately the chineese brothers have send me the wrong product.... I've gotten a AR5B91 instead any idea if I could make this one work ? I already wrote to the ebay seller and am hoping for a replacement but if i can get this to work would love to not have to wait another 3 weeks for another card.
  3. [GUIDE] OS X Lion on ThinkPad W520

    tnx neckcutta and yeh i can't find this string either pls help. btw tnx devfom for the battery fix finaly workin battery indicator!
  4. [GUIDE] OS X Lion on ThinkPad W520

    Hey Gothic back to bother you some more. I bought the wireless card and downloaded the bios file which is 8buji12us.exe. At this poin i'm confused as of how to add the whitelist fix file .FL1. I even tried going to the DE lenovo site just to make sure the file i'm getting is the same and it appears it is. I have got the hex editor and changing the lines after adding the .FL1 shouldn't be a problem but I am puzzled as of where you've got the 64 bit and 32 bit folders when all i get as bios update is an exe file. Please help upload the fixed bios or send it to me via skype or something. I love having lion on my TP W520 but if i can't get the wireless working it's kind of a deal breaker. Another thing is whatever i tried I can not get my battery to be recognized and show percentage or hours remaining. Cheers, Daniel.
  5. [GUIDE] OS X Lion on ThinkPad W520

    Hey gothic you may ignore the pm i sent you earlier if you read this first since I figured out why I couldn't reply here (those tricky tests) . First of all I installed and tweaked my w520 solely with your guide and I would like to thank you for all the work you must have put into it. I must admit that few places got me stuck but in the end everything worked out or almost can't seem to get the track point working and my battery won't show anything but a battery icon and says there is no battery installed but those are minor hick-ups and I'm sure after some more reading it will all work out. Now i haven't gotten the wireless working yet because I just ordered the card but I have a question on the part where you pointed us to download 1.34 NON bootable .iso from lenovo . com's site but i could not find such iso on there the only versions they have on the us site is a bootable iso 8buj12uc.iso is the name and i was wondering if you can tell me if that's the correct one or if not can you please provide me with a link to the correct non-bootable iso. Tnx, Daniel.