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  1. I have exactly the same problem as skagway. I need to find a solution for installing 10.7.2 off my usb stick ....
  2. Hi with the help of the unlocked and some threads here in the forum, I was able to get the installer to start on ESX5. My problem is that I can't see the 40GB target disk, not even with diskutil list. The only thing I see is the installer media (4GB USB Stick) and a 1.4 GB disk (I assume it's a RAM Disk) plus some others which are in the kB or MB size area .... nothing which looks like a 40GB disk. any help is highly appreciated. thanks f0rd42
  3. strange ..... could use mouse and keyboard after a while, so seems ok now. new problem ... can't see my 40GB Disk in the Install process. I launched terminal and all I can see is the 4GB USB Stick and the RAM Disks (Screenshot attached). I used the default in ESX for the disk (also attached) Am I missing something? Thanks f0rd42
  4. Hi I followed all the guidelines and was able to get the installer booting from USB on ESXi 5 :wink2: My problem is now, that it seems that the Keyboard doesn't work (as does the mouse). When I come to the first installer screen (choose language), I can't anywhere and also arrow keys or enter seems to be not accepted. ESXi 5 standalone, vcenter on Windows 7 (virtual on my mac). Works fine in all other VMs, but not in Mac OS X Lion install screen ... any help is highly appreciated. f0rd42 ps: THanks to Donk and all other for the great work!