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  1. how old r ya?

  2. Owned with pictures

    Cat shoots your hogwarts.
  3. Now known as...

    dat is coo Seriously.
  4. Rate the sig and avatar of the person above you.

    Avatar: 4/10 Signature: 10/10 Best sig. Ever.
  5. The Excuse Generator

  6. Signature

    Now I get it. I'll PM you when it's done.
  7. [Random] 9999 Replies

  8. Signature

    I'll do it. There's something I don't get, do you want me to replace the HP logo with the Apple one? Also, what size do you want the signature to be?
  9. I'd donate $50 monthly for a year to InsanelyMac. After that, I'd put $70,000 in my bank account, and finally I'd spend the rest buying high-end components for a new PC.
  10. InsanelyHacked!

    What if it was you? You say we blame hackers, but you blame a staff member? Nonsense.
  11. Planets

    This time it's two images. What do you think? The lighting looks better on the first one.