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  1. I used to be able to just chainloader /path/to/cloverx64.efi but something is different about the grub on the newest ubuntu and now i have to load it through bios or chainloader the efi shell to load clover. I'm beginning to think i should just switch back to chameleon. I cant just use clover because the gui only shows up when i do a legacy boot, otherwise it just loads my mavericks partition for me as set in its config file for default partition. I mostly just use mavericks all day except when i want to jam games on windows or need to perform some sort of black magic on ubuntu. So bios editing every second boot spose
  2. Hi Chadfran, Interesting post. I am also running triple boot with combined Grub and Clover boot loaders (clover doesn't show gui but defaults to 10.8). I've found the uefi boot to be much superior to chameleon for stability and dealing with optimus graphics on my notebook, but what do you use as boot loader? My oem version of Windows 7 pro also doesn't technically support gpt so when I create a swap volume (effectively 5 partitions), it refuses to boot. Luckily I don't use ubuntu much so it functions without swap. I might just try Mavericks on an external drive for now until I can figure out what will happen if I overwrite my ML partition (clover might not recognise it and I prefer it to chameleon). Thanks for the info!