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  1. Hello, My laptop is under Windows 7 32 bits home premium and linux Ubuntu 10.04LTS. An other problem on my laptop it's the monitor it isn't detected on OS X and with QE/CI the brigthness is very bad ,and i get the EDID by MSDOS.But where modify dsdt to say it's monitor ??I don't know!!!! This is the file in Hex. Thanks for your help EDID.zip
  2. Hi everybody In first congratulations for your very good job and help !!! and sorry for my english!! I want install os x on my laptop and i extract my DSDT.dsl under Unbuntu 10.04LTS but i don't know what is necessary to modify in for a good compatibility of OS X on my DV 7. Can you help me please? Specs: Product Number: N2842EA#ABF Motherboard: 3624 Bios Version: F33 InsYde S/N: CNF9271049 UUID: 434E4639-3237-3130-3439-00 238BF611A7 HP DV 7 2160ef : Intel core centrino 2 P7550 2.26 Gh 2xHD 500Go Video ATI RADEON M96 4650 1024 1600x900 [9480 1002] Audio:ATI IDTsound Screen 17,3 LG display 4x USB2.0 1x Card reader And i don't know why but i can't attach the DSDT file?? Help me please!! Now ok this is my dsdt .dsl dsdt.dsl.zip