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  1. VoodooPatcher

    Hmm. Logged in as root user. Still getting the same error - but for one reason or another, the VoodooLoader seems to get my sound working now. And thus arises another problem. Using the VoodooHDA kext is causing my video playback to stutter horribly without audio (in youtube). Any suggestions for that by any chance? ::sigh:: Here's the screenshot.
  2. VoodooPatcher

    So - I'm very new to the whole apple ecosystem. I'm having trouble using this patcher. Whenever I use the program to inject my own kext, I keep getting a permission denied error before I can even enter my password to grant permission. Subsequent attempts yields the same issue. Is there any way to grant permission to the patcher/kext? I'm guessing I'm being dense or am missing something very blatantly obvious but any help would be greatly appreciated. edit: forgot to mention: I'm running 10.7.2. Installer for the launcher runs fine. When I try to manually set permissions using the chown -R root:wheel command, I'm still getting "operation not permitted".