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  1. Dell Latitude E6420

    Posted a thread here for E6420 Hackintosh instructions: http://forum.osxlatitude.com/index.php?/topic/1109-e6420-research-thread/page__p__7548__fromsearch__1#entry7548 Have fun, guys.
  2. Dell Latitude E6420

    Besides sleep, multi-touch, SD card reader, VGA, and HDMI output not working. I am happy with my 2 E6420 hackintosh results. I did tried one SSD drive and result is the same. I have written a user guide if you are new to this and want to do it, let me know, I will send it to you. @m45k Multi-touch does not work, the gestures is not known, plus the setting is not there under trackpad. @Scotchy49 I finally got the dsdt to work by reloading [url="http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/topic/279450-why-insanelymac-does-not-support-tonymacx86/"]#####[/url] on my E6420 and copy to /Extra, now restart/shutdown works just fine.
  3. Dell Latitude E6420

    @Scotchy49 Thank you, I did try the DSDT, but got a KP, I am not knowledge enough to debug and fix, so I have to do it without DSTD at this moment.
  4. Dell Latitude E6420

    So I found out that in your plist file if you set: GraphicsEnabler=Yes, then you lose shutdown ability, you have to push and hold the power button to complete shutdown. GraphicsEnabler=No, you have shutdown ability, but lose FaceTime, ability to play youtube videoes on Safari and Firefox FYI.
  5. Dell Latitude E6420

    @m45k multitouch seems to be working fine with me. I use pointer anyways, with a bluetooth mouse. Thanks for the info on your SSD, I guess I don't have to try it on my then. I am happy with the results on this E6420, I have a docking station, so sleep mode is not a big deal, so does facetime and sd card reader, I can use skype and a USB card reader adapter. I am compiling a user guide for E6420 to share the installation process, if anyone is interested, feel free to request, I am almost done with it.
  6. Dell Latitude E6420

    I am suspecting the sleep issue is cause by the hard drive, anyone have tried SSD installation? Do you have sleep issue? Thanks to this forum topic, I am able to get most functionalities on the E6420 working, now only sleep and sd card reader not working. If I can get sleep to work, I consider the E6420 the best alternative than spending 1500+ for a macbook pro 15. Here is an idea, could we post the hard drive you used in your E6420 installation? So far I have tried the following drives: SEAGATE ST9320421ASG 320GB 7200RPM SEAGATE ST9320423AS 320GB 7200RPM TOSHIBA MK5056GSY 500GB 7200RPM Next I am tempted to try SSD, but want to see if any of you have tried it? Oh, after the plist fix were applied to fix restart/shutdown, facetime stopped working, but skype is still working fine.