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  1. Asus P5N-D this is I tried...

    Oh God, not how to thank you brother .. finally managed to put the audio in 5.1, I am very happy because every day that passes, I am interested in learning more and discover this new world that is for me ... the world of Mac OSX, I feel that me being a noob and become a master in just one week: D thanks for making this possible ... Thanks to InsanelyMac for giving me the support ... here we go another screen
  2. Asus P5N-D this is I tried...

    Thanks a lot mate, successfully Update my mac to 10.6.8 without any inconvenience, the only thing I lack to do, how to put the audio in 5.1 because only is in 2 channels???? I attach some screenshot again...
  3. Asus P5N-D this is I tried...

    Awww yeaahhh!!! Finally Done!!!! , Right Now I show you some screens from My Mac
  4. Asus P5N-D this is I tried...

    Finally I get to install iATKOS (s3 v2) on my pc it seems that the problem was that I had to put DVDRW as master, now the problem is that when I restart shows nothing, and only heard a song, in conclusion, drivers video are the problem, I followed exactly the tutorial you gave me this link (blog) what I can do about it now? sorry for my bad english
  5. Asus P5N-D this is I tried...

    that option did not appear in the BIOS settings, I made some screenshots ... Sorry man I'm new in this Edit: I was seaching on google to find why asus P5N-D doesn't appear this option in Bios settings and is because the P5N-D has no AHCI support.
  6. This is the spec of my computer: -------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------ -ASUS P5N-D Nvidia nForce 750i SLI -Intel Core 2 Quad CPU (Q6600) 2.40GHz Stock OCZ Gold -2 x 2GB (4GB total) 800 MHz DDR2 SDRAM EVGA NVIDIA GeForce GTX-285 Hitachi 160GB Sata Drive, DVDRW-Lite-ON -------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------ I have the iso: iATKOS (s3 v2) Well, boot from the cd, then press any key and then goes to the screen with the apple and the loading animation, it takes a while. Then an icon appears over the apple like this (/) and remain stopped, until I can hear the hard drive powers down and goes no further. then probed with the commands:-x-v busratio = 20. and then starts to load some files (kext) after finished loading stops and much time standing in a line that says: appleNForceATA: Nvidia nForce MCP 51 ...... then out: "Still Waiting for root device" and is repeated several times .. and it does nothing more ... I did a screen capture which is stopped CarlDx.-
  7. Introduce yourself.

    Hi my name is Carl, I'm from dominican republic and I'm very interested to install iatkos S3 V2 in my ASUS P5N-D mobo, Q6600 Processor.. Thanks ... sorry for my bad english CarlDx.-