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  1. afer following your guide, now i'm able to adjust my screen brightness but only from the slider in the system preferences. backlight after sleep works perfect. and after applying values from here my screen brightness seems to be normal (before using those values my screen would black out if i put the slider in the left). then, i notice the comment about adding some more in method (_DSM), my FN keys seems to work but not in the right place. FN+F12 now is the key to lower the brightness, but it seems no key combination to adjust brightness higher. and also the brightness restored to 100% after reboot. how can i fix this? here's my dsdt. edit : increase and decrease brightness works perfect with Fn+F12 for decrease brightness and pause(break) for increase brightness. maybe i should find how to redfine fn keys in some other place. DSDT.aml.zip