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  1. Airport - PCIe Half Mini

    hi guys , right now im on 10.12.4 sierra and i couldnt get it to work .. i tried kext enabler method and also the kext edit method.. both not working for me im using c123h azurewave .. need help..
  2. Custom made rear i/o G5

    Interested .. but i need to noe the price .. Wow nice ~
  3. G5 Front Panel to ATX I/O Cables

    can you pm me the detail ? and postage price. thanks vincent (malaysia)
  4. smarties i used ur kext and also the chameleon .. and it works! but my lvds only work when i plugged in the hdmi.. btw im not using the same laptop as u .. im using dell xps studio 16 with 4670 hd. i change the id in kext n it works. i just having that problem .. can you tell me how to hex edit in framebuffer or the ati4600 ?? i dunno which one to start edit first tq.
  5. Trying to get ATI Mobility Radeon HD 4570 to work

    so the thing that needed to change is the framebuffers not the ati4600.kext rite? Cause i got the internal lvds graphic when i plugged in to my hdmi.. it detect my lvds as hdmi input..
  6. ATI Native drivers

    Hi im using chamelon on lion . running on shrike . my graphic card is 4670 ID: 1002:9488 currently able to boot with GE=Yes but my internal on blank screen .. But when i plugged in the hdmi cable the internal display work .. and my external display no display .. In my system profiler show that it only detect my internal display as my external display ext SAMSUNG XX X i tried to change the hex code in my ati4600.kext but didnt work. Is my internal screen not recognised?
  7. Trying to get ATI Mobility Radeon HD 4570 to work

    can you teach me how to hex edit on my framebuffer I opened my framebuffer with hex editor but unable to search which part is for lvds Currently my pc lvds work when the laptop is plugged in with hdmi cable.. i dont know which one is lvds thanks
  8. UPDATE Change to chameleon shrike version.. able to boot with full QE/CI mode with GE=Yes .. but problem occur . only able to detect the lvds when i plugged in hdmi on external screen. else wont work. and yet the external display is black screen. Need help thanks.. I need someone to teach me how to edit the hex on atiframebuffer .
  9. Hi currently I'm using chameleon with lion osx .. currently I'm using shrike which already predefined by other people. they included the all the kext including the ati46000 controller and frame buffer too.. problem that i having now is if i use GE=yes my lvds(internal screen) unable to show any display unless i plug in hdmi .. and strange yet the external screen doesn't have display . ..... and i don't know how to edit the hex code .. my laptop is dell xps 1640 with 4670 ati mobility 9488.. Please help me thanks..
  10. im smbios.plist ( imac 11.1) currently my setting is GraphicsEnabler = no without any UseAtiRom .. because i dunno how to use it. My framebuffer is not loaded in the running extention .. please help ..
  11. need help with ATI Mobility 4670 on XPS 1645

    Hi all, currently im using chimera on lion osx and how i determined which framebuffer should i use and how to i activate the atiframebuffer? , actually i was abit unsure what is framebuffer if someone could explain for me would be great. thanks. I didnt use any aty_init ..and currently i switches to to chameleon with shrike.. required hdmi plugged in so that my lvds just could work. pls help
  12. Hi all, Im new here. and required u guys to help me .. Thanks..^^ Currently i facing this problem to enable this graphics driver into QE/CI mode. In running extension i only found out that ati4600 . kext is running and yet (i see alot forum show that i required to have the atiframebuffer to be execute as well)but how to do it? . And the mac osx just able to detect it as an non Ati graphic cards running on 3mb vram.. im using Chimera with latest lion osx. thanks