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  1. Try formating and so on again. Or do you have another USB-Drive to try with? Had this error in the past, too. Another USB-Drive did it for me
  2. Extracted my DSDT under Windows 7 and added the Strings again, but nothing changed. Still in the registry , but no Function. Any idea for that?
  3. There it is. Whats the matter then and how can i fix it ;-) Thanks for your help :-)
  4. Where can i find the Registry?
  5. Tried it, but did not work. Use A12 Bios, because this gives me best sleep/wake. Here is my DSDT. Hope to find a solution, because this is the only thing not working left (ok there is the intel wifi ;-) but thats just impoosible and found an alternative) Thanks in advance DSDT.zip
  6. And thats the only thing to do?
  7. Found my old Extra Directory and using that and your kexts gave me back an amazing OS. Edit: Someone with the 3D got brightness Control working. Read something about PNLF in the DSDT to get that working. Somebody tried this or would do so? http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/topic/236835-updated-2012-genericbrightnesskext/ Thanks in Advance again ;-)
  8. Hello, first my specs: XPS17 i7 2830QM Gefore GT555m 3D! 4GB Ram Stock A19 Bios. I just destroyed my old Mountain Lion Installation ( don't ask why please ;-) ). Got it working with an USB-Install of 10.8.0 Appstore-Version in the past, but i cannot remember on how i got all this working so well -.- So now i got an 10.8.2 Appstore-Version and followed your guide to make an USB-Install. But i have the 3D-Version and the USB-Installer runs black after loading all kexts. Is here someone with the 3D Version installed 10.8.2 with an USB-Install and got it working like a charm. DSDT/SSDT and Kexts for the 3D-Version would be great. Read nearly the whole thread, but it is quite confusing because of the missing tonymac-links and so on. The Guide for building the USB-Install is great. Thanks for that so far ;-) Thanks in advance. And sorry for my bad? english, but i'm from Germany and it was a long day ;-)
  9. Hi everybody, My XPS17 dont want to show me temperatures and speeds of my cpu. Used iAtkos L1 to install and Update with 10.7.4 Combo Update. Can someone please tell or send me all the kexts for detecting temps and speeds. I had it working long ago but do not remember the clou. Its the 555m 3D model with 2630QM if this matters. Thanks for your efforts!
  10. Hi there, I'm nearly on cloud 9, but i have the 3D-model, so i use the gt555m and it freezes out of sudden, for example at using youtube(flash-player). I use the AGPM.kext modified with the 550m device settings renamed to the 555m device. I think that is the problem,isn't it? Anybody here having a 555m AGPM.kext without any freezes? Would be great if i can fight this problem.. Thanks for your efforts, and sorry for my bad english...