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  1. News for next Ubuntu 16.04 LTS

    I like...so OS X option basically...
  2. Arch Linux: a review

    ambitious claim i would thought time between reboots while under extreme load and maintaining load appropriate performance would have mattered a lot more.
  3. Arch Linux: a review

    how does it compare to freebsd and solaris in enterprise benchmarks then?
  4. Arch Linux: a review

    The RPM style distributions for business(centos/rhel, opensuse,etc) use are pretty good based on my recent testing. I have no idea how often they are updated but you see alot of polish on them now.
  5. Ubuntu 15.04 Released

    I would either like unity replaced or super optimized. oh well keep using lxde...other than that installed without a hitch for me.
  6. GNOME or KDE (Ubuntu or Kubuntu)

    change that sig, will ya? Promoting "illicit" drugs is not good.
  7. Sony's Greatest Quotes

    Bill Gates is not a Microsoft boss.
  8. Rate the sig and avatar of the person above you.

    avatar: 4(somewhat lame) sig:4(even lamer)