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  1. Software RAID

    Hi everybody. I have full operating leo updated to 10.5.4 on SATA drive. Yesterday I bought new drive, the same size and model as operating drive. I am wandering is it possible to create software RAID without loosing current installation and how? Booting from DVD? Current drive is GUID. Thanks in advance
  2. Hi everyone, I have bought Gigabyte U7000 DVB-T Stick, it works fine under windows, but no luck with mac. I have tried eyeTV but it don't recognize device. Have anyone made it to work? Thanks in advance.
  3. Accidently destroyed NTFS Driver

    Download recent Hiren's BootCD, bur it and reboot from CD. From menu choose Partition Tools, and finaly select Acronis Disk Director Suite. Search a little menues and find option "Recover partition". Depending to a size of partition it could take a little while, but it's worth of saving data. If no success, then try with get data back, if your win system partition is untached. Hope this will help you.
  4. Compaq 6820s

    Hi everybody, I have seen in store pretty good Compaq 6820s notebook, with c2d2@ 1,49GHz, and ATI x1350. Has anyone tried installation on this notebook? Thanks in advance!

    No error message but it still don't reboot. Stack with message MACH reboot.
  6. Hi, I have installed EFI patch and fresh installed Leopard, and updated to 10.5.1. I have installed dsmos.kext, IntelACPIPlatform.kext, and appleSMBIOS.kext. The system works fine, but I can't normaly restart the system. On a shutdown screen appears note: "Package 0 didn't get an HPET" . I have left comuter for 10 minutes, and didn't restart. I had to do it manualy. Does anybody knows the reason why? Thanks in advance.
  7. Hi folks, After succesful EFI patching and updating to 10.5.1. I was faced with something strange - there's no HDD icons on desktop, no toolbar on the top and i cant nothing activate from the dock except System preferences. When prefs window shows up, also shows up toolbar. also i can't restart or shutdown system. Anybody knows to fix that. I have tried kexts from Vanilla package, but nothing helped. Thanks in advance My system: Gigabyte MB GA-945GZM-S2 Proc: C2D 6320 RAM 2GB 667MHz Everything works, just with simply patching realtek alc 883, Network works, SATA, PATA, LAN and onboard GMA950 (1680x1050).

    Yes, the system starts up just fine, i have even updated to 10.5.1 without original kernel (left the one that came with ToH's DVD). But it simply wont apply EFI, maybe it does, but then i can't boot, restarts before darvin. Yes, but with mach_kernel that came with update, I can't boot with -s , grey screen with ...Please restart.... {censored}.

    No the system boots, but not after efi patching
  10. Try this fix. install it and it should works. adobe_fix.zip

    Guys I have tried everything - no help. Buuuuuuuuuu I have done all "By the Book" - no effects.

    Hi everyone, In last 10 days I have tried many Guides posted here at Forum with no success. On sunday I created Ghost image with Leo partition, to ease the pain after reboot and evidence of JUST ANOTHER F....'d patching procedure. I have Gigabyte MoBO - GA-945GZM-S2, C2D E6320, 2GB 667MHz, GMA 950 ... with installed ToH's Leopard RC-2. Everything works fine, except C2D is shown in profiler as C2D solo! I have few questions, and i beg you to answer only if you're sure, please. The first:[/u] Do I have to install other version mach_kernel instead the one that came with Leo DVD. The second: Which kexts are needed to be installed on system before reboot. The third: I can't but just with -s, as mentioned in readme file supplied with PC EFI files. and finaly, The Fourth: will mach_kernel that comes with DVD after, I hope, succefully EFI instalation result with detection system as real mac, with possible updates via software update option. I will try installing EFI just one more time, if it fail my PC will look like this one Thanks in advance
  13. Hi everybody, I have one big problem with new office 2008 on my mac. I use Dreamweaver daily for updating web site, and always combine it with word. Received mail I open with word, it contains table with picture, then I select it all and copy. After that I need to paste it in Dreamweaver but nothings happen, there's no table at all, like the clipboard is empty. I tried to paste clipboard to other apps, and it works, but not in dreamweaver. With older versions (office 2004) it works, ok slow, but it works. I suppose it's slow 'cause it is for PowerPC, not for Intel based Macs. I tried to figure it out why it doesn't work, but I failed. Please if someone knows the solution for this problem to share secrets with me. If I don't find out where is a problem I'm lost. I can't go back to windows, please don't force me, no, no ........ aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa If someone from UK know solution, let me know, I promise I will tell to mine, croatian football team to bi mild to your team next time
  14. Hi there, a wierd thing is happened to me. I just installed Leopard, but I can't copy paste in Terminal - I can't type all those codes manually (nor with legs) . Is there any solution for this trouble. Please HELP !!!!!!!!!!!!!