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  1. 78934502

    Introduce yourself.

    Hi everyone. I'm planning to install iPC osx on my PC, using a USB key. I hope that you can help me finish my project and hopefully add my netbook as well.
  2. 78934502

    Install iPC on USB stick?

    Oh, and by the way I don't have a Mac so please don't ask me to use disc recovery.
  3. 78934502

    Install iPC on USB stick?

    My pc (Compaq SR2150NX) has its dvd drive removed. Could iPC (10.5.6) be installed through usb? I have tried unnetbootin but that failed, it would not boot OSX. Thanks
  4. 78934502

    Nvidia G 210 Anyone ?

    Wait, but will there be firmware issues? My card doesn't have a EVGA bios... do I need to flash one in? Also, can you update the iPC 10.5.6 to 10.5.8 without any issue?
  5. 78934502

    Asus nVidia GeForce 210 1GB DDR3 Working!

    I have a Gigabyte G210 with 512 mb of RAM. I'm planning to run iPC 10.5.6. Will the same technique of using the EFI work for this, or is there an alternative? Would NVinject or NVdarwin work???? Where do I get OSX86 tools?
  6. 78934502

    Nvidia G 210 Anyone ?

    I'm looking for iPC (10.5.6) drivers for my Hackintosh. The hardware component is an GIGABYTE G210 (Nvidia), 512MB GDDR2 Does anyone have a link to those drivers? If not, which option should I choose on the iPC install list? NVinject or NVdarwin??? :wink2: :help:
  7. 78934502

    Compaq SR2150 NX Heads Up

    Hi everyone, Me and my Compaq SR2150nx are ready for iPC 10.5.6... but first.... I have the current image ready on a disk, but... 1. How should I format my current PC first 2. What drivers do I need, especially for my Nvidia 210 and Realtek Ethernet/Sound? 3. Any first-timer tips? Thanks