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  1. [UEFIPatch] UEFI patching utility

    ASRock H61M VS - Bios Version 2.70 Bios patched and updated BIOS flashed to M.board - all fine. The little testing I have done seems not to allow native power management - it just KP's, so I just used NullCPUPM adding GenerateP and C states in org.chamelion.Boot.plist. Im pretty much a noob with hacintoshes so it is very possible that it would work with native power management if one knew how. Thanks. nick
  2. The Dumbing Down of osx86

    I have read most of the above posts and want to give another view from the perspective of someone who has no hackintosh experience and has only recently installed a mac VM to play with. I can understand the feelings that those you have helped, have it easy and sometimes are ungrateful: On some of the other forums I read I am gobsmacked by some peps attitude to others helping them and sometimes astounded that despite questions being asked rudely, thanks not being given or carefully crafted replies being ignored that those who answer the questions continue to do so: So a general Thank you to all those who do help. I would like to point out those who run the forum and answer the questions are in a very different place to many who join later. Those who lead the way are often much more involved in the subject, have different interests and uses for the forum and generally not the same as those of us who come later. It is a question for the forum moderators whether and how much the Forum changes to meet the needs of it's newer members but that they have different needs seems clear and whilst it is rare that those needs are incompatible it does seem to cause some friction. I like the questionnaires on this site - they fulfil an important need in that they prevent the posting of questions where the answer is unlikely to be understood. I also like FAQ's not only do they give answers, they are there to be pointed to when a question is asked which has been answered and would like to see many more replies which simply say - 'read the faq' but to simply say 'google it' seems to miss the issue which is not that the information is not available - experience tells us that google has pretty much all the answers, no the issue is being able to sift and sort that information so that it becomes meaningful and this is sometimes not easy to do especially when you are ignorant of the subject. (I once found someone who couldn't get his machine to sleep, reading up on the processors microcode, despite the fact that he had no idea what microprogramming was.) I would like to remind those of you who do know your subjects that you are standing on the shoulders of giants; those who coded in binary laid the foundation for assembly language programmers and they in turn made it possible to work in higher level languages, who in turn... Now if we were to ask all those who write in a current language to go back and learn to code in binary there would be little progress: Instead they need to know something about how computers work and can ignore much of what went before. Now if those who wish to help others on this site simply put new users through the same training as they went thru then a great deal of time will be lost simply repeating the lessons, now some of these lessons may be valuable, others less so - eg. do I really need to learn how to edit DSDT's to build my hackintosh or will an understanding of DSDT's suffice? I cannot answer that question but those of you who have been thru the process and know something of my needs might be better able to judge and likewise for a million other questions most of which I might not even know how to ask. The point being that whilst you know and I dont, it really has to be you that tells me what is important but to say I should do the same as you did is probably not right; for once a solution is found there is a question whether those who come later have to discover it again or can be told about it and why it works. There is generally nothing wrong with wanting the easy path thru a particular problem and if you (as those who know) think us (those who dont know) ought to learn something for ourselves then we must accept your opinion all I ask is that you consider what it is we ought to know and how best for us to learn that lesson rather than simply thinking that we should do what you did to know all you know.
  3. Lion - Where to start?

    Hi Having mentioned hackintosh to a friend he has asked me to see if I can build him one, (which I havnt quite said yes to) it is not something I have done before, having worked only with Windows and Linux. I have access to a Mac and happy to buy whatever software is required but may be limited to the PC that my friend has just bought - 8GB Ram, Intel 2500K processor in an ASRock H61M-VS Motherboard, which has the Intel H61 Chipset, Intel 2000/3000 on board graphics, VIA VT1705 audio, Atheros PCIEx1 Ethernet and 32Mb AMI UEFI Legal BIOS. It looks like there are KEXTS available for the graphics/audio/network (Ive yet to see a KEXT but I think Ive read enough to be able to install them) - Im less sure what having a UEFI bios will mean to the build) I have been reading on the this and other sites and found myself pretty confused by the number of methods available and wonder if someone might give me some advice on which methods would be best to build a Lion based machine from bare metal for somebody with relatively little mac exposure, Im happy to do the reading but would like some direction on the path to use. Thanks NickSoph
  4. Hi This is my first visit to this forum and I can't seem to find the place to start. I have used PC's for many years but have had no experience on Mac's at all. Id like to know If this laptop is up to running OSX and if so would like to know which versions of Mac OSX might be recommended. It is an oldish Dell d820 - it has 3 GB of RAM, a dual core T2400 Intel processor running at 1.8Mhz, Intel Mobile Express 945 graphics chip and a broadcom NetXtreem 57xx network card. If it is upto running OSX I have a separate hard drive which I can install to use for OSX and ask if someone might point me at the place I should start reading. Thanks nicksoph