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  1. MacLover :o)

    doesn't work in vmWare

    Ok, I finally figured it out.... yeah, I'm not very technie... The steps are: 1) under Remappings: Create new remapping table (give it any name) 2) under that new table, create new group (it'll automatically be "Ignore No Keys", give it any name 3) under that new create new key binding 4) then press the Key (command key) you want to bind, press OK, then press twice the target key (ctrl) 5) do the reverse for ctrl.
  2. MacLover :o)

    doesn't work in vmWare

    Sorry, how exactly do I go about making that config? I tried experimenting with the config a bit. But I never tried programs like this before. Some help would be appreciated! Sorry for sounding ignorant, but I'm no Mac wiz...
  3. MacLover :o)

    doesn't work in vmWare

    Hi, thanks for the reply. I'd to swap CTRL and Apple Command Key.
  4. MacLover :o)

    doesn't work in vmWare

    Hi, first post here. I installed the Remapper in Boot Camp and was very happy with it. I'm trying it out in vmWare Fusion, but the Remapper doesn't seem to work at all. For starter, there was no settings wizard the first time the Remapper was loaded. I guess it's because of this, the configuration panel is completely blank, save for the two headings "Presets" and "Remappings". I could create new presets and remappings. I guess it doesn't detect it is a XP in MacBook. Any help is appreciated. If this program isn't meant for visualization like vmWare, do you have a suggestion for a program that would work?