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  1. I tried again this time with a fresh instal of OS X and extracted fresh kexts from 10.6.7 then modified them for my needs. All kexts are loading except the ATIFrambuffer.kext. I have, unfortunately, run out of time. My business is starting to pick back up and I no longer have time to mess with this. I would like to thank everyone who helped me, I am sorry I could not get this to work on my machine. Thank you again and If I decide to try again and have any success I will let everyone know.
  2. @Lordadmiral Drake: thank you, Kext Wizard did the trick. @kizwan: Unfortunately there is only one kext, AppleACPIPS2NUB.kext. The same kext is also in my System/Extension folder. I tried removing it but it still does the same thing.
  3. @ cOke: I tried the kextstat yesterday and it would not boot far enough to even run the start up options. @kizwan: I tried unpacking Extensions.mkext in Kext Utility and it told me " ... /n Sorry, could not unpack " "/Extra/Extension.mkext""
  4. Sorry like I said I'm new pretty new to Mac I didn't know it was a compressed file. I'll check it out after i get home.
  5. @cOke: thank you so much for your time and effort. I really appreciate your patience and willingness to help. I may just try a fresh install and go from there. Thank you to everyone else how has helped as well. I will let you know if anything happens. The only kext in /Extra are Extensions.bak.mkext and Extensions.mkext "Also make sure all Extra Extension must installed in /Extra." I'm not sure I understand, are there supposed to be more kexts in here?
  6. The picture in post 638 shows where it hang. I will try that bootloader again and see what I get. Otherwise I will try and figure out where and why it is hanging. Thank you. im sorry this is where it hangs This is where im guessing it KPs?
  7. @cOke: I find it odd that for some reason with that boot file I have to have it in the root not extra. Seems like every other boot file I've used I was able to put it in either and it worked fine. Probably doesn't mean anything just thought I'd add that.
  8. As I'm sure you know, since the system won't boot all the way (with GE=YES) I can't get it to run that ks.command file you gave me.
  9. No it does not pop when it hangs nor can I hit power then return and it shut down. I have to force it. Oh and since I was having trouble I did try a different boot loader yesterday it was chameleon 2 RC4 then replaced the boot file with the one you provided. Of course still the same.
  10. I was using the one provided by crazybirdy on his QECI guide. I will do this when I get home. I was using the one provided by crazybirdy on his QECI guide. Then I removed that boot file and replaced with yours. I will do this when I get home.
  11. Should it return something right away in verbose? When I press volume or power button while it is booting it doesn't seem to bring up the kexts. What should I be looking for? I tried moving Extensions.mkext to root folder and results are the same The volume buttons still make a noise when it hangs during -v. But the power button doesn't do anything unless I hold it down then it reboots like its supposed to. Is there a place where these -v boot records are being stored?
  12. The only kext in Extra/Extensions is AppleACPIPS2Nub.kext. I'm not sure why that is there because I already have one in S/L/E. I have two kexts in my System/Extra folder they are Extensions.bak.mkext and Extensions.mkext. I'm not sure what to try next. Is there a way for me to test the ATIFramebuffer.kext without actually trying to load it at boot?
  13. Well i used the one in crazybirdys original post but i will get the one from mucha and try again. As far as i can tell everything else is loaded. There are no ATI kext in Extra folder, i will start with a clean kext. as far as the ATI kexts i can see that ATIRadeonx2000.kext, ATI4600controller and the ATISupport are all loaded. Same thing, still hangs.
  14. Yes the ATI4600controller.kext is loading. But it still,won't load the Framebuffer kext. I checked my work from yesterday against what you and Lordadmiral Drake said to do and I did it correctly. I will post pics of the edited personalities in OxED. Here is what is does when it hangs. Here they are in OxED. They look right to me, but as everyone can tell i'm a total noob. I did repair everything like you guys told me to and tried booting with -f. Now it just wants to hang at the apple logo. oh i am booting GraphicsEnabler=YES and -f.
  15. Ah... Ok let me try all this again when I get home. Thank you, everyone, for your patience.