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  1. ASUS Nvidia 7600GS AGP

    I've tried both...both give the same results. When I just install either package, without adding my Dev ID, it's a kernal panic at the grey Apple boot screen. When I do add my Dev ID to either package, it will always give a black kernal panic screen when I have the monitor plugged into the VGA port. If it's plugged into the DVI port, then it will run just fine. I can even plug the other monitor back into the VGA port and click on Detect Display in the Display Preference panel and it will switch the display from the DVI to the VGA. The only time I can actually boot with both monitors plugged in is when I get rid of the Natit.kext and install the NVidiaEFI.kext. Only the VGA is on while the DVI is off. Interestingly enough, Natit.kext can identify my Nvidia card properly whereas the NVidiaEFI.kext just has it listed as an Unknown NVIDIA card in the system profile. If you can get a 2nd display plugged into that, I'd be very interested. What's your motherboard? I'm guessing ASUS is doing something funky with their video cards...
  2. ASUS Nvidia 7600GS AGP

    Yet another update... I went back to the 7600GS card, only this time, installing the 10.4.9 Natit drivers without installing Natit 0.02 or 0.01. Then installed the NVidiaEFI 1.02 kext. Set the dev id's for the 3 necessary kext's. Repaired permissions and upon reboot, with both monitors plugged in, it booted fine. Still no dual display, but no more crash upon bootup. Just like with the 6200 card. Pressing Detect Display in the Display pref's causes the VGA display to blink, but nothing more. Just like with the 6200... It's getting close which is a good thing.
  3. ASUS Nvidia 7600GS AGP

    Just as an update: The only way I've been able to get this thing running is to physically not have anything plugged into the VGA port. 10.4.8 boots up with this card if the only thing you have is plugged into the DVI port (I have a a DVI-VGA adapter plugged into it for the monitor). I can plug in a monitor into the VGA port after its booted up to the desktop and click on detect desktop in the Display system preferences. What happens, though, is that it simply switches from the DVI to the VGA display. So I'm still only stuck with the one display. QE and CI are both supported. The driver I used was the 10.4.9 Natit with Natit Dual 0.02. 0.01 had the same thing. As a side note: I plugged in an old EVGA Nvidia 6200 AGP card, I can have both VGA and DVI ports plugged in, but still only the one display.
  4. ASUS Nvidia 7600GS AGP

    I'm trying to get the Natit driver installed for this card, but nothing I do is making it go. Upon reboot after installing the DiaboliK's 10.4.9 Natit Nvidia Installer and repairing the permissions, it just leads me to a kernal panic upon reboot. When looking at the kernal panic message, it's the Natit driver where it bombs. It does identify the card as a 7600 GS. I tried it again after using my device id in the IOPCIMATCH for the Geforce.kext and NVDAResman.kext, but still the same result....I'm guessing I just didn't put it in correctly or it won't work for this card. Can anyone give me a hand as to what the info should look like that I need to put in the info.plist for those kext files? Under Windows, the PCI info is: PCI\VEN_10DE&DEV_02E1&SUBSYS_82151043&REV_A2\4&38B71F77&0&0008 I really want to get this particular driver going since I want the dual display option that MacVidia and Titan don't offer.