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    PowerMac G3 Mod

    Thanks! Finally, with a cardboard box I found a provisional solution. When I close the case, the CPU heatsink is in front of the fan. I was measuring the area for my 2x120mm radiator. In the bottom of the case, I've a 290x130mm area, completely clear from mounting points. I think I should use an Alphacool NexXxoS ST30 Full copper. It has a 15mm spacing between fans, so it's a little bit longer, perfect for my non-standar 290x130mm area. The radiator measures 279x 124x30mm. For the CPU block, I'm planning to use a EK Supreme LTX Acetal Black. But, Can I use 90º fittings for the block? The area for the radiator:
  2. Andropov

    PowerMac G3 Mod

    It isn't good hardware, but I just want to give a speed up to my old 300Mhz B&W G3 using some hardware that I have lying around. Specs: - Unknown motherboard - Intel Core 2 Quad a 2,66Ghz (Before: PowerPC G4 a 300Mhz) - Nvidia GeForce 8400GS en PCIe (Before: ATI Rage 128 en PCI) - Hard Drive IDE Western Digital 160GB (The same) - RAM 1GB DDR running at 1066Mhz (Before: 1GB PC100) - CD/DVD double layer drive (Before: lector de CD-ROM) Some photos of the original PowerMac G3 (sorry about the poor quality of the first ones): Just the original computer open. The old CD-ROM drive The old processor, a PowerPC G4 running at 300Mhz. And after the mod (in progress): I don't change anything in the external case appearance The new mobo. It's on a wood panel because the moounting points are too difernt and I would't break the entire chassis. The CPU heatsink hasn't got a fan on it because it crashes with the power supply and I can't close the case. At least, the wooden panel will eliminate all the vibrations of the graphics fan. The hard drive on its rack. It isn't connected because I need a larger molex wire. I take this photo before I put the new power supply. The new power supply. I take out the louder, bigger, 120mm fan, and I put a 80mm one, taking the air out of the case. I will cover the hole with a PVC panel. After put the new power supply. As you can see, I need a larger molex wire, a larger chipset wire and a larger CPU wire. A photo with the case closed. As you can see, the heatsink is really near to the power supply. If I put a fan over the heatsink, the case wouldn't close. So, maybe I'll use a water cooling system. After a few months I want to use a water cooling system, with a double radiator in the bottom of the fan, replacing the hard drive rack. And I change the original yellow led of the power button, now it's blue (I think it looks better). Sorry about my bad english :wink2:
  3. I want to buil a new mackintosh with this motherboard, but I'm not sure if it will work well. I don't need the WiFi of the motherboard, I can buy other. It has got the Z68 Intel chipset, with the LGA 1155 shocket. I think I will buy a Intel Core i7 processor (like iMac 2011 processor) and an ATI graphic card like Mac Pro's card. The Zotac Z68 WiFi will run Lion 10.7.2? if you don't think so, what motherboard can I buy? I need a Mini-ITX board, without an integrated processor or graphic card, and at least one x1 (or x2) PCIe x16 (minimum) slot. And it should has an LGA 1155 shocket too. Thank you
  4. Andropov

    G4 Cube Water-cooled

    I recently buy a G4 Cube in eBay. It works very good and it's fast with Tiger. But with Leopard, the 1,8Ghz PowerPC processor or the 1,5GB of RAM are useless, because the Nvidia 2MX makes Leopard so much slower. Then, I need a new AGP graphic card, but it must be with a fan (obviously), and I really don't like it. Now, the Cube has got a fan for the 1,8Ghz processor, who trough the hot air to the main heatsink. But, ironically, this enormous heatsink doesn't help to cool the graphic card. I finally think: Why not water-cool it? Water-cool is silent and completely fanless. Like the original Cube. But there is a problem: space. The Cube is really compact, but finally I see some options for do it conserving the original internal structure. The "biggest" empty space in the cube is between the Superdrive and the hard drive. It's a 155x150x25mm space. I can build a hard drive support and put it there with a small reservatoir, and I can put the radiator on the original hard drive support. Then, the radiator is next to the main heatsink and it should dissipate all the heat. I will make a passive copper radiator for there, too, because there aren't any commercial radiator with these measures. If it isn't enough, maybe I can put other tiny radiator in the other side, in front of the processor and its water block, but I don't think there are enough space for a radiator there. But my main problem is... the pump. Where I can put it? How can I power it? I was thinking about a Mini PSU power supply replacing the 56k modem board, but I prefer not use two external power supplies if I can. And the pump is too big for the 155x150x25mm. I think all of them are about 50x50x45, and I can't make one homemade. NOTE: I will water cool the graphic card and the processor, not only the graphic card. And if it works fine, maybe I can water-cool other components. Cube specs: 1,8Ghz G4 Processor Nvidia 2MX (Nvidia 9800 Pro in the future, I think) 1,5GB of RAM 80GB 3,5" HDD AirPort Card Superdrive What do you think about? Do you think I can do it? Where can I found a small pump?