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  1. I am getting this error while using the os86 retaildisk kitgen v1.1 using Mountain Lion .dmg format Is it possbile that the image is corrupted? Thank you for all your efforts DoiX cant thank you enough! EDIT: just saw burrows1980 also had similar problem, can you please tell me how you rectified this problem, thanks
  2. I am not having any problems with USB 3 using v6 pack. Will check with iPhone and get back
  3. Hey, I would love to test your app Running 10.7.2 . 6GB RAM , i5 2.3Ghz Have a tri boot, Mac OS X/Win 7 Ulltimate/Ubuntu 11.10 all 64 bit Regards, adv392 Sorry couldnt PM you, it says you cant recieve any PMs
  4. I am extremely sorry, wrong info I have given, it was late at night and I thought it was working, but its not actually very sorry and yea if I increase the speed the cursor isnt very precise cheers
  5. even i had the same problem as you, so i fully formatted and then installed and now everything works, except ubuntu. still trying to get that working, but win7 and mac work flawlessly. I suggest that you full format and make all drives while installing win7 (I did 4 partitions, if you make 3 partitions then a 100mb will be created by windows for some system releated stuff, so i say you create 4 partitions then install windows so it is forced to use the win7 partition only) cheers EDIT: used the v6 pack and its running flawlessly! touchpad multitouch problems GONE!! simultaniously two fingers multitouch works! I am extremely sorry, it was late and I thought it was actually working sorry my bad, ITS NOT WORKING
  6. @DoiX Here are the files you asked for [http://www.box.com/s/9gjafin2h3t3j3a84khx] updated the DSDT now for the battery test 1st restart, unticked "reopen windows after reboot" and hung on black screen (known issue) but the fan speed went up and slowed down. Congrats on the Nvidia card success. I can smell the card powering our hackint0sh very soon all hail DoiX
  7. I was casually googling and came across interesting stuff and thought might be some useful info. I am guessing that DoiX may have already come across this stuff, still its me just trying to help hope it helps, Nvidia card related 1) http://www.osx86.net...t-540-m-11.html 2) http://www.osx86.net...acpi-calls.html 3) http://www.insanelym...us&fromsearch=1 BIOS modding 1) http://forum.noteboo...os-project.html 2) http://www.bios-mods...-BIOS-and-HOWTO although they aren't getting to forcing the nvidia card to only power up, still you can talk to them and have the bios modded to do the same Thanks for your intense work on this DoiX! Cant thank you enough Will test the new DSDT as soon as I get some free time Cheers!
  8. Under PCI Cards I get "This computer doesn't contain any PCI cards. If you installed PCI cards, make sure they’re properly installed." Screenshot attached, screen shot of Graphics/Display also attached Battery currently is around 55% and it shows 1:10 so guessing around 2 hours +- 20 minutes Will test on windows and let you know Thanks
  9. @DoiX I would be happy to test with nvidia card disabled. Have windows 7 will be updating my Ubuntu and getting the card to disable so that I can give you results on the battery life, I also have a display port to vga converter, if you need to test that. 6 cell battery, as good as new, not more than 10 charge and discharge cycles. Thank you
  10. install all drivers, i think the all the chipset drivers from Dell. Even I formatted and installed all drivers and I got that option back again, you can also stop charging from BIOS setup, enter BIOS setup and somewhere you will find Charging behaviour hope that helps EDIT: DoiX even I am ready to test 6 Cell battery, charge/discharge cycle less than 10 times
  11. Thanks a TON guys! Never realized that it booted with the one using 3,1 instead of the one with which I was seeing which was in another folder. Never realized there were 2 of the smbios.plist files. Now I get it. Thanks a lot for helping me out. Will get my system fully running and let you know about the battery life test. My battery is as good as new as I dont charge/discharge it often. I only use AC power with charging disabled as I use it at home and hence it reduces the charge/discharge cycles giving my battery a greater life. cheers and again thanks a ton p.s AKennedy_4 please update your guide about the 2 smbios.plist files being created in the root and in the Extra folder and to delete the one with 3,1 and going to bootloader and changing it to the correct file. EDIT: sound now works!! l502x one which wasnt working before! I think the problem was that it was loading the older smbios.plist file hence audio and battery didnt work, AKennedy_4 Please update your guide with this info thanks to DoiX and scrappy_coco for solving that problem
  12. Hey how did you get yours working? I still need to put the graphics enabler , bus ratio and CPUs flags to get mine to boot , have posted a screen shot in my previous post of the -v boot flag. Waiting patiently for sometime to help me
  13. followed AKennedy_4's guide using iAktos L2 the 10.7.2 after installing all kexts, [url="http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/topic/279450-why-insanelymac-does-not-support-tonymacx86/"]#####[/url], system definations 8,1 , only HD(not full HD), SSDT 3 step, kext utility, disk utility for repair permission still unable to boot without -v GraphicsEnabler=No busratio=20 cpus=1 bios is 06 here is a screen shot of -v any help would be appreciated, thank you all
  14. Hey, Try this, it does take time. just press all the keys on the keyboard, NOTHING WILL HAPPEN WAIT! (takes long time) Just keep pressing keys once in a while and MAGICALLY it will jump to the next screen tried and tested my me about 4-5 times worked all the time. Then now touchpad wont work so you need to navigate through using keyboard only, use Ctrl+F2 to get to disk manager etc, tab change the highlighted button and spacebar to select it, arrow keys also works p.s doesnt anyone read my posts follow the guide and you should have everything working. try this detailed guide by AKennedy_4
  15. YES! I had written about it before, 702x drivers were the one which worked, my left one was burned down I think cant remember. Currently trying to reinstall whole Mac again