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  1. Pat, I was able to install lion 10.7.3 and now I am on step 6. Can you tell where I am supposed to get default boot volume and uuid values? Can you please explain in more details how to manually install Sloce boot loader? Thanks, Sergey
  2. Hi Pat, Unfortunately I tried without success again I inserted "fresh" unpartitioned HDD, 1 core enabled, and -v arch=i386 mode. Still KP afer a while.... It seems that for some reasons notebook still boot in 64bit mode ( at least I can notise string telling "boot in 64bit" in the very beginning of verbose mode). I will give a try to the fael's method. By the way, description in his link is pretty similar to existing insanelymac's thread- http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=256729
  3. Pat, Did how you said and still have KP. Here the link with photos: flickr.com/photos/61217160@N05/sets/72157628441396525/
  4. Pat, I have nc4400 with T7200 CPU. While I am creating bootable USB stick, everything is ok. But, when I starting install, after a while ( and a lot of text on the screen) laptop just shut down. I see the line with some error message on FakeCMS key no found. Can it be because of different CPU type? My USB stick is ok, I just purchased new kingston 16Gb for this installation. I can attach image if required Waiting for your thoughts )