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  1. Booting with flags

    It's a long file, which one you need to check?
  2. Booting with flags

    Hi everyone, I have an issue really strange, I got an Ivy Bridge Motherboard with Yosemite almost 100% working but the only way that the system starts it writing -v -f in boot flags, sometime I have to try 3 to 5 times, sometimes only once but always using -f -v. When I try entering just clicking in Mac (Graphical mode) it show the progress bar, then screen turn off and nothing happens. My version 10.10 Anyone with same issues? Best regards. Jose
  3. Hi everybody, I have a problem with airport, I have installed ralink kext in my 10.6.8 osx86 when I plug in the usb wifi, airport detects my network but when I try to enter the password the input field is disabled. Says: The selected airport network requires apassword to join. Wireless security (looks gray as disabled) Password: cannot click inside to write the password. My usb wifi tp.link TL-WN321G Sorry my english, Thanks in advance