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  1. Very weird indeed, thanks for replying to this topic. It's been quite some time since this project was on hold because I couldn't get the display to work. Seems common in setups where the monitor only accepts HDMI signals. (Which is very weird though, since HDMI and DVI are almost identical except for the sound signal.) Let me know if you get something working!
  2. Sorry, but I just put GraphicsEnabler=no in the boot flag but I got the same no signal issue. Thanks though.
  3. Hi guys and gals, I was wondering what the problem was with my setup. I have an Asus P7P55D with an Asus 9800GT that has two DVI ports. Everything has worked on my 10.8.2 flawlessly via a DVI-DVI cable to a 23 inch monitor. (1680x1050) I recently upgraded my monitor to a 27 inch (1920x1080), and it only accepts HDMI, not DVI. So when I booted 10.8.2 with the included DVI to HDMI cable, everything goes fine until I get a blank screen and the monitor goes to stand by because it doesn't get a signal. I can confirm that it has successfully booted because the caps lock key lights up when I turn caps lock on. I switched back to my 23 inch monitor temporarily with a DVI-DVI and everything works well again. When I attempted to reinstall ML using U**Beast, the same thing happened with the new 27 inch monitor (no signal) but it loaded just fine with the old one. Any help would be appreciated, thanks a lot! PS. I'm using the first PCI-E slot for the GPU and the main DVI port out of the two. I'm using a DSDT.aml extracted via AIDA64. I tried to boot from 10.8.3 and 10.8.5 prepared using #####, but they both didn't fix this issue.