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  1. DSDT patch for TOSHIBA Satellite L750

    I'll try it as soon as i can, a lot of work at this week...
  2. DSDT patch for TOSHIBA Satellite L750

    I install this kexts, bus sleep is not working yet. System is sleeps well, but dont wake up(black screen, funs is on, mouse is moves, but no desktop screen) Also not working VGA output. I need it very much to connech my video projector. Bluetooth is working with kext from kexts.com atheros AR3011. But to activate it, need to install toshiba bluetooth drivers in windows os, and turn them on, reboot to mac os. I think, the problem in smbios, or system clock for my intell core i3 2310. cpu temperature is 70-78 degrees...in win7 its 35-50 degrees...interesting why...i use iStat menus 3 program in mac. I need help....
  3. DSDT patch for TOSHIBA Satellite L750

    Hi, thanks wery much!!! Its works! But i also have a problem with sleep... Laptop is sleeps well.but then it wakes up there are a lot of artefakts at blank white screen, hdd led blinks, mouse cursor moves but i can not see desktop(((( I think it is videocard wake up problem... SMBIOS: MacBookPro8,1 Also no sound, battery status, bluetooth.
  4. DSDT patch for TOSHIBA Satellite L750

    hi pere, I have a laptop 750-129 with intel core i3 2310 (2100 mh), gt 525m video card, 4 gb ram. i installed ML 10.8.2 with latest chameleon boot loader via Mul-Beast, download your dsdt.aml and ssdt.aml from your topic ''DSDT patch for TOSHIBA Satellite L750''. and put both in \Extra folder, check DropSSDT=yes too. I deleted NullCPU kext and sustem is won't power on(trouble at AppleIntellCPUManagement). System is power on then ''NullCPU'' is in Extensions, Atheros Wi-Fi is working fully, no sound, video working well, SM bios i set as MacBook Pro 5.3(???not shure i'm right)...i very need sleep function but it don't work too. My problem is that i dont know how to edit your DSDT with my core i3 2310 CPU....and i need help.... Probably i do somethind wrong else...help me please. A attached my Everest dumps PS. Sorry for my bad English))) Toshiba l750.zip