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  1. UPDATED 20.12. GenericBrightness.kext

    Maybe some of you guy faced the problem when no BCM BQC methods defined in dsdt? only BCL method. my desktop all-in-one pc have internal lcd and as i understand device named JAN0100 ( HP ACPI AND OSD Buttons) controlling brightness. is there a slightest chance to get methods from JAN0100 and adopt them for traditional BCM BQC? with fake/blank methods added to dsdt this влучdoesn't loads dsdt_HP_IQ512RU.zip
  2. how can i check if dsdt loaded

    thanx for the reply. what line will tell me that dsdt loaded? isn't -v Wait=Yes gives me output similar to dmesg or i'm totally wrong?
  3. ACPI Backlight Driver

    sorry for the dumb question but... what if my dsdt have only method to get list of available brightness levels? it seems very strange - i'm on hp iq512, monoclock with integrated lcd-touchscreen (mainboard 965 chipset but made by... Pegatron)and on win i'm using special hp soft to control brightness, but on ubuntu i can control brightness natively, how can this be possible if my dsdt doesn't include BCM BQC methods? . hope someone can enlighten me))
  4. how can i check if dsdt loaded

    i'm using chameleon 2.1 + iatkos l2 on HP IQ512 and made my first dsdt with common patches applied - extracted dsdt using aida64 and compiled(0 errors, 0 warnings) in dsdtse. i've tried to tick option to override dsdt in chameleon gui and tried to use DSDT=/Extra/my_dsdt.aml boot option but i can't understand am i booting default dsdt or my own. dmesg didn't show me something like "Reading HFS+:/Extra/my_dsdt.aml".