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  1. Lenovo B570

    I'm a bit confused in reading the last few pages of this thread. Is there a power management kext that fixes 10.7.4 yet? I believe I'm still on the Null one so when I close the lid to the notebook it shuts off or rather it stays asleep and I'd have to turn off and turn back on. Which kext works or has anyone tried the trick in which you fool your OS to thinking it's 10.7.2 instead? Thanks
  2. Lenovo B570

    Recently upgraded ram from stock to 8gigs. This was the last thing I did, besides SSDT.aml. I'm having trouble with Disk Utility. I can open the app, but nothing will load and I only get the floating beach ball. Any ideas? Deleted the SSDT.aml and put the original DSDT.aml and was able to get Disk Utility to start. I thought I got better battery life with SSDT, but I must have don't something wrong when I made changes. I'd rather disk utility accessible than a longer batter life. Will try and experiment
  3. Lenovo B570

    Re-installed Lion with the new DSDT file along with the stock IO82011family.kext and still no wifi. I gave up and installed a micro wifi adapter. Airlink 101 for 15 bucks and it works fairly well. I back in 10.7.1. Did anyone else notice that 10.7.2 was a bit slow and chocked up once in while? I feel that 10.7.1 on this computer is much more smooth.
  4. Lenovo G460 fully working 10.7.2!

    how do i obtain an unmodified kext that you're referring to? i've looked online and none of them work or i can't determine which one is unmodified. thanks
  5. Lenovo B570

    ah i see thanks anyway. anyone where i can find or give me a link of an unmodified io82011family.kext. theres so many online, i'm not sure which is unmodified.
  6. Lenovo B570

    what kext are you using? i've yet to get wifi to work
  7. Lenovo B570

    Success! Everything seems to be in fine and working order. Still no wifi however. Tried the new DSDT file but still no wifi. Currently posting from my Lenovo B570 MacOSx =) THanks again!!
  8. Lenovo B570

    Success in -f mode but not in normal boot. Am I able to copy the smbios.plist to this from the USB? My question is do Open the hdd terminal or usb terminal? I'm assuming it's the USB terminal in -f boot and write the following entries? cp/ Extras/smbios.plist/ Volumes/(name of my hdd)/Extras If this fails any other way to add the smbios in -f mode? Thanks!
  9. Lenovo B570

    Hi thanks for your tutorial! I've attempted to install this on my B570 and came close to installing it. However, when I boot, I get the a gray Apple logo and the load animation. After a minute or two it just stalls and freezes. I am determined to install iAktosL1 onto this machine please help. -x does the same thing, a load bar appears under the logo and circular load animation -f same things -v im assuming loads certain information in a grey screen with white text, it then proceeds to a black screen and finishes with TRANSCRIPT OFFLINE - buffer pool allocate [181000] failed and hangs I've since then erased the USB and repartitioned and installed a again a few more times, however, now when I plug the USB it isn't even recognized when booted only the HDD that I came close to installing. I have to press a key for more options. Both the HDD and USB then show up. After selecting the USB, it loads information in grey screen with white text then proceeds to black screen with white text and hang with to this message: USBMCS Identifier (non-unique): AAB8058400000094 0x154b 0x44 0x8192 I'm scratching my head as to what it was I did or didn't do this time that I can't even get to the Welcome screen, customize the install and select the HDD. As per your instruction, this is my process: -Scan dmg for restore and restore to USB -Move smbios.plist and org.chameleon.Boot.plist to Extra folder and authenticate -Move DSDT.aml to Extra folder (also tried not moving) -Keymaps the same, tried with not including and including in Extra folder -Move kext to S/L/E folder (i've tried moving all and also just moving a few that you pointed out) -Move themes -Install Chameleon What advice can I do at this point? I shall try a few more ways. Thanks!