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  1. Can't get Wireless N to work!

    I get 130Mbps in Leopard on my imac (broadcom chipset) but can only connect at Wireless G speeds (54Mbps) in Windows XP and Vista that i've tried. I've also tried different encryption (WPA, WPA2, WEP and no encryption) Is there a driver that i don't know off to activate N mode?
  2. Damn, my XPS 1530 just arrived, i selected the Intel wireless card because i was told it was easier to get working with linux... why does it not work with osx since its built on linux? I'm referring to the 3945abg card btw.
  3. Creative X-Fi

    That applies to the external sound cards. There will probably never be a driver for the internal x-fi.
  4. Linksys WMP54G wireless PCI card

    if you go to device manager my device id is ; 1814 301 and thats v4.1 unfortunately. You can also tell if you remove the pci card will have version number or a big R for Ralink If your card is Broadcom then your in luck follow the broadcom tutorial.
  5. Linksys WMP54G wireless PCI card

    v4.0 works v4.1 no solution.
  6. iatkos and uphuck not loading

    I got that error when i burned the disc too fast, could you test those two copies out on a friends computer maybe?
  7. the obvious thing to do first is deselect things that are not neccesary to get leopard installed, gfx, sound etc.
  8. I set my partition active via the kalyway dvd... i followed the tutorial but stopped at the bit about using a usb dongle to install bootloader. (if this applies let me know) I been changing the first boot device back and forth from mac disk to dvd to get it to boot somehow. after i use the dvd, i see something about EFI then it loads normal. its not big problem, but very annoying.
  9. sorry, used search.
  10. I didn't think to do that, thanks alot it worked
  11. Kalyway hangs at 1 minute left, iAtkos installed perfect and running quite well (says i have a mac pro)
  12. iATKOS is released (updated)

    wow, i left my pc on at 93% last night and 11hrs later its 96% i've also uploaded more than i've downloaded so that should help some people. why do i see (69) distant seeds and no close ones?
  13. iATKOS is released (updated)

    i'm at 90% and everyone i can see is also at 90. we need binoculers to see those 3 seeds
  14. Would Leo Install on my System?

    i know up to v4 of that belkin adapter works.... there might be a replug bug search the forums for the fix.
  15. Who is Waiting For UPHUCK iATKOS?

    the flat image is by far the easiest and having it on an external drive is useful, i run xp with acronis bootloader. The i installed macdrive incase i need to fix any problems from windows.