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  1. I've asked previously in this thread but didn't get an answer, so I'll try again How do I remap the pin assignments of the audio? I'd like to remap the MIC in to LINE in. I'm trying to utilize my guitar through a DI box, within windows plugging in something to the MIC port allows me to change the mode from MIC to LINE IN, resulting in reduced latency and better audio reproduction. Within OSX it's just MIC. You are setting your system definition? MBP8.2 for me, in smbios in /extra
  2. I appreciate the effort, thank you. If i could find a common denominator it would definitely help, they are few and far between and seem to disappear after the quotient of annoyance has been met, pesky buggers. I can do something simpler and take out one of the dimms, and see if they come back. Running on 4gb isn't going to hurt me for the day. Would you recommend upgrading to 10.7.4 from 10.7.2? Just patching the speed stepping, and my applehda kexts before the reboot should see me sorted.
  3. I've just gotten as far as you chap! Before, plugging in devices to the usb3 ports randomly crashed the laptop, now the devices are showing, but not working (My bluetooth adaptor for example) In system profiler beneath the usb3 hub node, it shows the BCM2045A adaptor, but bluetooth is not available. Plugging it into the USB2 brings it back. Also: I still have the weird - screen is dark until it sleeps issue
  4. I'm on the caffeine as well chap, just finished migrating my companies Sharepoint/sbs to our new offices, re-routed a butt-load of dns's moved our pbx and set up 45 work stations. Not bad for a nights work. Specs: l502x (Obviously) 1366x768 display i7-something or other not too sure but it's got a default clock of 2ghz 8gb ram - osx shows 512mb dedicated to the hd3000 GT540M Unfortunately, flash is the only way I can watch my time-wasting naruto episodes at the moment. Another issue I have is with "Over-processing" on the line-in port, it makes my guitar sound {censored}e, but that is really low on the list of worries since i got my new marshall.
  5. Yes, my usb3 just don't work. Plugging anything into them is hit or miss as to whether the system locks up. No panic, just hard freeze. I'm using v6 of your package i believe, with the full-throttle ssdt's. And the artefacts crop up not long after watching a flash based movie, or playing kerbal space program. Never in general use, and rarely on battery. I look forward to your eventual release, without yours and others work i'd still be using my old sony vaio instead of this tasty dell.
  6. Hi Doix, Any chance you can release the freezing fix and the artifacts tweak? I seem to be suffering more and more from random lockups in safari and getting more often black lines across my screen
  7. Hi, I followed this information: Quote To fix the heavy bass you need to remove the node: Dell_XPS_ALC665.kext/Contents/info.plist HDA Platform Resource > Layouts > PathMapRef > IntSpeaker > SignalProcessin It might help if you get a decent text editor, or plist editor that groups those nodes together. You are looking in the plist file something like this structure: <IntSpeaker> <SignalProcessin> You need to find the associating "</node>" and delete from <SignalProcessin> to that last node. I'm not explaining it very well. When I get home I'll upload the kext for you.
  8. Has anyone the knowledge to remap the MIC to the LINE-IN port? Within Windows when you connect a device to the MIC port, you get a pop-up asking whether to use it as a Microphone or as Line-In. This is important as i do a bit of music production on this laptop, and using it by default as the Microphone introduces a lot of hiss/noise/pre-amplification.
  9. iAtkos DVD freezing - make sure you boot with the right bootflags - and also reburn it if that doesn't work.
  10. Try the 3 power state. I use skype/facetime regularly and haven't experienced this issue. I have however experienced occasionaly safari freezes, but this may be related to the content i'm viewing (Filthy adult stuff)
  11. It would be nice to get my original wireless N+Bluetooth adapter working...
  12. I used 32bit because it was free. I'm also using 3TS ssdt for temperature and battery life concerns 5k is still admirable. Doix, you have any further replies about the SSDT tables for the GT540?
  13. Geekbench. If you get a score between 6000-8000, you're good. I get 7800 btw. i7 - bloody fast SSD - bloody fast 8gb Ram, not so fast.
  14. Bad image i believe buddy. Get a copy of iatkosl2 (If you already own a copy of lion legally it shouldn't be an issue with forum rules to ask this). Burn it on a standard dvd at 4x speeds and use that. Playing around with the usb style installations can cause issues.