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  1. 10.8.2 supplemental

    It solved my problems Japanase fonts display correctly now and I can make full use of 96GB of RAM.
  2. try this pre-release post #284 http://www.insanelym...dpost&p=1776257
  3. HP Probook user here. A lot of us running HD3000 graphics natively under Lion and SL 10.6.8 without any problems after - turning off ATI card in BIOS - specifying MacBookPro 8,1 profile in smbios.plist smbios.plist.zip
  4. Sorry about that. My vanilla dsdt dsdt.dsl.zip My original 16bit MAXC register was broken into two 8bit AXC0, AXC1 registers. Can I replace B1B2 method at this part of the code with something like this instead? If (LEqual (Local2, 0x03)) { Store (0xFA, AXC0) Store (0x00, AXC1) Store (Package (0x02) { Zero, Zero }, Local4) to be honest, I downloaded already patched dsdt.aml and used that to get a list of modified registers and made a patch. HP_BATTERY_patch.txt.zip Thank you for your time.
  5. http://support.authentec.com/Downloads.aspx
  6. gsly, Thank you for such comprehensive guide on dsdt battery changes. I also own HP laptop machine owner and followed all available guides on this forum. My EC0 16bit registers are divided into half and B1B2 routine introduced by Zprood is used to make it work in Lion. I'm stuck however on two issues: original: If (LEqual (Local2, 0x04)) { Store (0xFA, MAXC) Store (Package (0x02) { 0x00, 0x00 }, Local4) after replacing MAXC with AXC0 and AXC1 implementing B1B2 routine Store (0xFA, B1B2 (AXC0, AXC1)) I'm able to compile cleanly with two different programs, however when freshly created dstd.aml is parsed again several errors are introduced. If (LEqual (Local2, 0x04)) { Store (0xFA, B1B2) AXC0 AXC1 What am I doing wrong? Here's B1B2 routine Method (B1B2, 2, NotSerialized) { ShiftLeft (Arg1, 0x08, Local0) Or (Arg0, Local0, Local0) Return (Local0) } Another problem I'm having is cycle count stuck at 0. What will be responsible for prowiding that information? For reference I'm providing vanilla dsdt.dsl and dsdt.aml with changes already in place. dsdt.dsl.zip dsdt.aml.zip