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  1. r9 290 (non-x) yosemited help

    What happens on your XFX? Do you get a hanging blank screen or does it still "kinda" works? Also, are the port arrangements the same on your XFX and Sapphire cards?
  2. [HOW TO] Modification of AMD FB + Clover injection

    HI Pavo, Thanks for the info. My settings are exactly as shown with the patch string and ATI Connectors controller. I even tried it with AND without an entry to patch the AMD8000Controller directly in the KextsToPatch section (since I wasn't sure if it was necessary. It didn't matter anyway).
  3. [HOW TO] Modification of AMD FB + Clover injection

    I have this in my clover already but when I specify to use the Baladi frame buffer in Clover, I black screen during startup. The only way I can get video working at all is to change it to some other older frame buffer and OS X defaults to whatever default frame buffer (IOJones shows RadeonFramebuffer instead of Baladi).
  4. [HOW TO] Modification of AMD FB + Clover injection

    Thank you Pavo. I will study it. IOJones is great. Attached is my BIOS. gigabyter290.rom.zip
  5. [HOW TO] Modification of AMD FB + Clover injection

    Pavo, Can you send me your old and new IOREG? I worked out similar FB codes as yours even though my Graphics Card is a Gigabyte R9 290, but I'm still black-screening. I suspect I have to reorder mine. This is probably the most confusing part. If it matters, I'm using DVI-DL @ 2560x1600 as my sole display.
  6. r9 290 (non-x) yosemited help

    I mostly got this working on a Gigabyte R9 290 Windforce. What doesn't work is when I wake from sleep, the graphics acceleration becomes all wonky (slow refresh when dragging windows around).
  7. r9 290 (non-x) yosemited help

    Not sure if this will be helpful, but the new Retina iMacs use R9 M290 chips instead of the M290x chips. This may bold well for R9 290 cards assuming the mobile nature of these chips isn't too different from the desktop variety. http://blog.macsales.com/30510-unboxing-and-teardown-of-the-2015-27-inch-imac-with-retina-5k-display?APC=XLR8YourMac13 This will probably be rolled up in the next Yosemite update. Can someone with access to the new iMacs peek at the driver version?
  8. New photos app crashes hack

    Yes, Thank you very much for the suggestion. I didn't think it would work because the next response was from someone who said that it didn't, but lo-and-behold... it actually worked! I wanted to share that it works to provide a counter example to the guy who couldn't get it to work. Keep trying!
  9. New photos app crashes hack

    Using Clover Configurator and changing my SMBIOS from iMac 14,1 to iMac 15,1 resolved the Photos.app shutting down my system. Who knew it would make such a difference!
  10. New photos app crashes hack

    I stumbled across this thread thinking there was a problem plugging in my iPhone causing my computer to suddenly shut off and restart. Of course, plugging in my iPhone was causing Photos to start, which then shut off my computer abruptly. Starting with a fresh library is fine so there is some action that is causing Photos.app to shut off the computer. This is unsual that an application can cause such behavior. Hopefully just a bug that will be fixed in an update. Unfortunately, I have not seen it too widespread on the web. As part of my troubleshooting, this happens regardless of whether I use the AMD or Intel GPU. CPU: i7-4790K Motherboard: Gigabyte GA-Z97MX-Gaming 5 SSD: SanDisk 256 GB Memory: 16 GB (2 x 8) F3-1600C9-8GXM GSkill Memory GPU: Gigabyte AMD R9 R280x 3GB PSU: Corsair AX1200i Case: Fractal Define R4 Yosemite 10.10.3 Clover 3202
  11. Never mind.. I figured out the exact problem. It is actually Yosemite Photos that causing the sudden shut off. Plugging in my iPhone just triggers Photos to launch, which THEN shuts off my computer similar to the post here
  12. CPU: i7-4790K Motherboard: Gigabyte GA-Z97MX-Gaming 5 SSD: SanDisk 256 GB Memory: 16 GB (2 x 8) F3-1600C9-8GXM GSkill Memory GPU: Gigabyte AMD R9 R280x 3GB PSU: Corsair AX1200i Case: Fractal Define R4 Yosemite 10.10.3 Clover 3202 For some reason, when I plug in my iPhone 5s, after a couple of seconds, my system fans rev up and the whole computer shuts off. It doesn't matter which port or cable I use. USB 2 and USB 3 are the same. I don't get any errors in the system.log accept a long-standing message that my computer was improperly shut off. The appears even if I successfully restart or shut down my system (The report says something about the AppleHDA kext). I'm at my wits end with this. When I boot into Windows 7 and plug the phone in, it works fine so I don't think it is a hardware issue. Can someone suggest some troubleshooting steps I can try? I'm not running any overclocking profile and my Intel graphics is disabled in BIOS.