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  1. I use VMWare as my hardware isn't supported in 10.4.3, as aren't a lot of things... and I haven't found the time to download the newer one and give it a shot.
  2. [10.4] Still waiting for root device

    Mkay. Thanks.
  3. I get this message saying Still waiting for root device. What does it mean, and how do I fix it?
  4. why is that? Plus, doesn't CS3 expire?
  5. Thats what I meant, sorry.
  6. A "No" symbol appearing during boot of DVD

    yeah, but this is a laptop, so it isn't like I can change much on it.
  7. it is an intel core duo 2 processor.
  8. Does a mac mini with 1GB of RAM do good with photoshop CS? I'm getting a mac mini for christmas, and someone gave me photoshop CS for Mac as they recently got the newer version.
  9. All right, I have the disk in, its reading it, I have the apple logo, then the circle thing... and I have this white square with this grey O with a / through it... I'm assuming that means that there's an error? Thanks...
  10. bump - i need help with this, too.
  11. QEMU vs PearPC?

    Maybe you should try it in another one of your computers... or get a new mobo/processor combo for about $80 or so... that should tell you if you like using OSX or not. I have been running osx86 under vmware, so I cant tell you the specifics of everything, other than that I recommend that you try doing that (if itll work, I am not sure), and then just see if you like it that way.
  12. Hello, I have some advise for those of you who use osx86 on... Wireless Networks Desktop computers Get a bridge such as the DWL-810+ or a PS2/XBOX Linksys adapter. Laptop computers Install using vmWare unless you are 100% sure that the wifi card will work... I have to run osx86 under Windows just because my wifi card isnt supported... and I cant use my laptop in school without it. For those who just dont give a doodle Buy an iBook or a Powermac... or something... less hassle.
  13. I can on my PC?

    a few posts down there is a guide. I did not follow it at all and still got it to work yesterday. I just removed it this morning and went back to Windows because it does not support my wifi card, and ndiswrapper is out of the question... too much would have had to be changed. Anyhow, what I did was, just download the ISO off of bittorrent (isohunt.com, thepiratebay.com, etc), and then download the patch... and then apply the patch to the ISO, and then burn the DVD, and then I was all set. Remember, to do this, you have to have a DVD writer and common sense. I also had to re-partition my harddrive in the apple setup by doing it this way... so be careful when doing it. If you are already using Linux, I would assume that you have Linux compatible hardware... so you might get some of your hardware working, but as far as I know, nVidia drivers are not supported... only Intel is, and AC97 sound... I am sure someone will write drivers in the future, though.
  14. Switching back to Windows

    I have tried OSx86, but I am waiting for more drivers for the x86 system to be written...my laptop runs it perfectly but my wifi card wont work with it, and my printer will work with UNIX driver project I found on sourceforge, but it is too much of a hassle. I think I just might end up getting an iBook for Christmas or something... deciding between a PocketPC / Palm Lifedrive, or an iBook, it will probably be an iBook though... or a mini / powermac..