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  1. XPS 420

    Hey, I've got an xps420 too and wanted to install Snow Leopard. I was looking at downloading SnowOSX_Universal_10.6(432)GM-v3.5.iso. Anything I should know after downloading for the install? does everything work? what do you mean by "not a fully retail install but getting there"? anything missing? Thanks!
  2. ATIRadeon9700 Patch?

    spockers, Yeah actually could you zip the ATIRadeon9700* from 466 and rapidshare them (PM me if you don't want to put the link here). I'll test it on my ToH RC2 (can't remember which build it is). Thanks
  3. ATIRadeon9700 Patch?

    spockers, The problem is in the ATIRadeon9700GLDriver executable. More precisely, execute the following on your various Leopard distributions: $ file /System/Library/Extensions/ATIRadeon9700GLDriver.bundle/Contents/MacOS/ATIRadeon9700GLDriver This will tell you what kind of executable code (ppc, i386 or both) is present in the executable. The problem is in the GL framework for the ATIRaden97000, not the ATIRadeon9700.kext itself. We've proven that the .kext has i386 executable code, so it's not the problem. The problem is they've removed i386 code from the Radeon9700GLDriver, hence the reason why the driver can't talk to the GL framework and why QE/CI doesn't get enabled. By executing the previous command to earlier distributions we might find an early enough version of the driver that still has some i386 code but yet implements the new open GL framework. Until you've proven that your GL framework does have i386 code you're basically shooting blanks and loosing your time. Thanks for the work, man!
  4. ATIRadeon9700 Patch?

    Great searching effecks. What are the earliest releases of leopard? we could 'file' the 9700 driver there if it was removed right at the beginning of leopard... if so then it's probably not worth going down that route trying to chase the latest i386 enabled driver I think I remember seeing a 9a3xx dvd somewhere on the torrents... did anyone keep a list of releases?
  5. ATIRadeon9700 Patch?

    awesome. gotta try that out. I'd like to keep my 9a581 install though. Is there a way, once I put my hand on the DMG, to go in the install files and only extract the Radeon* install folders? (and then I can replace my 9a581's with them). Is there any util that can go peek inside Leopard's installation files? Thanks man
  6. ATIRadeon9700 Patch?

    Is that right? which version of older leopard build should I chase? Can anyone check older build to see if the driver has intel executable in it? I'm just dying to get my QE/CI back Thanks all