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  1. only audio working is pink and green jack from the back. front jacks for mic and headphones dont work. internet is doin great. didnt test digital audio output. ill come back later with the clover folder that works with this. thanks to maldon for providing that! back with sierra he managed to pass me dsdt and kexts. apfs efi 64 driver is needed since now the installer will automatedly do an install on a apfs drive, no matter if its ssd or hard disk asin my case, it just converts the hfs drive you create with disk utility to apfs, they are more aggressive with the new file system. so you need apfs.efi in your 64 efi drivers.
  2. it not recognizes my card as en210 silent...maybe msi gt710 got metal support?
  3. i was able to finally install successfully Mojave on my build...idiot me, I forgot to go to hard disk in clover after usb install to continue the installation from there. its working as it was Sierra...exept for video...now I don't need codeccommander, but my Asus en210 silent is not capable of running qe/ci...I was reading MSI gt710 2GB is working oob with Mojave...maybe I should buy this graphic card?
  4. i erased the sierra disk i had to do a clean install an now verbose get stuck at the very beginning. when it booted it hangs at like tree minutes before finishing, as allways with the createinstallmedia method. bu it wont finish with an update, it just keep reintalling from scratch. now clover gets stuck and i will have to reinstall sierra without mojave. sorry i forgot to say im now tryin to intall mojave it seems the fakesmc that clover configurator installs (with the sensors) was the main difference. since the other kexts are lilu hda and usb fix
  5. now i tried with the kexts clover configurator downloads to the usb install disk...and it boots the installer after kextstall. but it wont finish updatin the os
  6. I just tried with the App Store high Sierra app and it booted from clover startup screen, but it gets stuck with the appleLMU error. no smc supported. my Asus h97m-e csm is not capable of running high sierra
  7. nothing...i cant boot this installer...
  8. i kkep getin the kextd stall error its appleLMUControler i cant get to boot this installer!!!!!
  9. link: https://mega.nz/#!HOow1CqT!sgruxEyM3mAfHCCcK1VYT3GCKP2EaXK7vvlpniexzPE i think mega did actually updated the file! maybe im mistaken? hope is the same file!!!!
  10. yes is set to yes...i was using an efi folder from one guide you passed me...but this efi im sending is the one that works with my existing installation. im telling ya...different fakesmc=same result
  11. i get the same error as always. i get message kextd stall appleacpicpu smc timed out
  12. i get message kextd stall appleacpicpu