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  1. i found while reinstalling mojave that the apfs efi64 driver don’t work if you format the target drive with more than one partition. happened to me with my wd20 2TB hard disk
  2. i was able to install Mojave in my ol asus thanks that tried the kexts for fakesmc that clover configurator installs on it, that was all! with that fakesmc + sensors the installer got me to language select...and now I believe I have the latest fakesmc with sensors, but istat menus won't show any temps aside hard disks...any one got that working? what kind of patch did you used for that? i have a custom dsdt and a new usbxhci fix in config.plist...its strange that with the latest sensors istat won't trow anything for it...any ideas? you'll be more than welcome!
  3. yes and after following the terminal commands and installing clover bootloader you copy the efi folder to the efi partition clover installation does to the usb (you also do it with an installed system, install clover same options and copying efi clover folder)you can mount this efi partition with clover configurator...google it its over mackiez100projects
  4. you got to have the macOS install app from the App Store, and type this in terminal: sudo /Applications/Install\ macOS\ Mojave.app/Contents/Resources/createinstallmedia --volume /Volumes/USB --applicationpath /Applications/Install\ macOS\ Mojave.app --nointeraction this way you use the createinstallmedia method...the installer app will be installed to your usb pen drive...you got to have the install app in applications folder and had erased your usb with disk utility with hfs+ journaled (replace the name of the macOS with the one your tryin to install. just drag and drop onto terminal window, same with the usb), and also replace "USB" from the "--volume" command with the name you gave your usb disk...then you install clover boot loader to the usb with uefi boot option and apfs driver from the drivers 64 in the clover installation. its under "options" bellow the target installation.
  5. efí folder for this mother and graphics card: http://s000.tinyupload.com/index.php?file_id=00672681609510635361 sleep wake works only with the power button, not the keyboard like at other times. now im doing a time machine backup, just in case it comes handy...
  6. i tried the dsdt that maldon gave me. and it works! everything seems to be fine. even sleep worked. i say worked cause i tried out the new efi folder in the usb installer and got in internet straight from the usb install disk, and i got connection! just when i restarted, clover gives me a kernel error offset. ill try with time machine or start again over with the installer from scratch. but now i have more reliable media to start from! thanks for your help everybody!!!
  7. front ports don’t work. only back ones... think ill just reinstall sierra
  8. the system message still pops up. says I need to plug the iPhone to an USB port. I'm tryin from the front port, but last time the back ports neither worked with the apple phone... front ports don’t work with the phone. only back panel ports work
  9. nothing apple mouse just freezes also keyboard i dont get usb at all. now im not sure how to replace it. maybe the config.plist needed YOUR usbinjectall? cause i downloaded the newest from the github page if i remember well. now i cant use the hackintosh. im writing from the phone i tried to unplug and re plug the usb hub for apple. but it just freezes no! wait ! i plugged the hub on another USB port and now I'm writing from Mojave
  10. efí folder: http://s000.tinyupload.com/index.php?file_id=74975981995841112169 lus pics of my CC in the kext and patches section that's all I got
  11. hello! thanks for the reply...I have a newer version of that kext, that was the first thing I checked. but I don't get where to apply these values (sorry my dumbness), I was lookin up in clover configurator, but there's nothing there?!
  12. maldon, the runme app delivered I posted over tinyupload the results