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  1. Kernel Panics are ageing me fast

    My friend, get answers here is not as easy as you think.. they want you to suffer, searching infinitely. They all think we are noobs.
  2. Flash videos causing screen flicker and freezes on 10.6.8.

    [Off-topic] What i'm doing wrong here? 19 views and 1 reply... What i've done that nobody replies me? Why do i have to be excluded anywhere i go... In my home, my school, and now here? All right... i'll keep searching and searching and searching and searching infinitely until i find an answer (if i find one)... to leave the "professionals" alone... because i am a n00b and don't deserve attention, this is how this forum treats all the new users, as noobs. I know you don't care about my social problems but this is just to express my anger... Good bye everybody, i'll never step in this forum again...
  3. Flash videos causing screen flicker and freezes on 10.6.8.

    I'm booting in 32 bit mode, if i go 64 bit, network kext doesn't work. And i'm using legacy kernel 10.8.0 by Nawcom which is for 10.6.8. If the problem is only with 10.6.8, i'll just install everything again, but will upgrade to 10.6.7 with legacy_kernel 10.7.0 instead. As i don't care (at least for now), on being up to date... I just want an fully working install with less hickups as possible. Doing this will help? As i have said, please bare with me.
  4. Hello guys, i'm new here so please bare with me. I have installed Snow Leopard retail on the computer of the signature, updated to 10.6.8 via legacy kernel + combo update. Enabled my GeForce 8600 GT via EFI string. The problem is, when i play an youtube video, the screen starts to randomly flicker (very fast, almost not perceptible), until it freezes completely. This happens on any web browser. but only when a video is played. To reproduce the problem, here's what i do: Watch any youtube video on any browser, in this case, Safari 5.1.2... then i wait a little... The screen starts to randomly flicker, until the entire browser stops responding, 2 or 3 seconds later, finder stops responding too. And then, the entire OS X's UI freezes and i have no option but to force reboot. The browsers used: Google Chrome 15 Mozilla Firefox 8.0.1 Apple Safari 5.1.2. Initially i was thinking it was a video problem, so removed the efi string and installed NVEnabler.kext, same problem happens. Any idea? I have searched everywhere, even here on InsanelyMac, but no avail. Please, if someone knows what is happening, please answer.