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    Dell XPS 410 Resource Extravaganza

    Hey, can anyone please repackage an OSX86 installation (CruOpium's version with built-in support for ICH8R SATA) and add video drivers like NATIT and various other ones please? That way people with ATI X1300 Pro (like me) and others who can't boot into OSX might be able to finally get a version that works 'out of the box'...Please....post it on Demonoid if anyone is gonna do that :censored2: and let us know on here...I'll love you if you do!
  2. DivideOverflow

    Dell XPS 410 Resource Extravaganza

    Hey, I downloaded from Demonoid 10.4.8 integrated with PPF1 and PPF2, but it doesn't work with ICH8; get 'waiting for boot device' error...bah! Has anyone solved the ATI X1300 Pro issue yet?! I'm dying to get OSX working grr!
  3. DivideOverflow

    ati x 1300 pro 256mb

    Hey, I have devID 7183 too...Can't get it to work at all, my installation DVD has X1X00 PCI-E drivers, I tried modifying the kext with my device ID but kernel panic as listed in posts above...Been PMing DiaboliK and no joy still (he suggests flashing the BIOS to another version but I searched online and couldn't find much, plus it's risky...) I've got a Dell Dimension 9200 aka XPS 041, this beast can't wait for OSX...If only I could get it working! I can't access USB drive with single user mode, and am unsure of how to copy files anyway (I'm new to this Darwin/OSX86 business, reminds me of the good ol' days of MS-DOS 3.11)...Any help much appreciated! Forgot to mention, my machine reboots after spinning wheel screen...verbose mode shows 'display: specific family matching failed'
  4. DivideOverflow

    X1300 Funky colors, no QE/CI but res change works.

    I get that panic too, but not with NATIT (ddew, how did you get OSX to load NATIT?), I edited ATIRadeonX1000.kext and changed X1300 entry to 7183 instead of 7140 but in verbose mode, 'display: specific family setting failed' (or similar) appears and OSX will not load, computer just reboots. I am now going to try chmod and chown as well...
  5. DivideOverflow

    Dell XPS 410 Resource Extravaganza

    xplizid, where does one get Loki's version?? Thanks
  6. DivideOverflow

    Dell XPS 410 Resource Extravaganza

    Hey, just tried reinstalling with 10.4.8 Combo update, Mifki, ATI X1X00 AGP and PCI-E, ATI ATA kext (though I've not got that), 10.4.4 login window fix, that's about it I think...get blue screen after boot screen, no cursor, machine does not progress further than this...I tried disabling multi-core in BIOS just in case, but didn't change a thing (also disabled virtualisation). I really think it's the graphics kext...Anyone have any idea of how I can integrate a kext that works with ATI X1300 Pro into the installation DVD? Luckily I still have the ISO which I downloaded from Demonoid (thanks CruOpium)...Or, if I could force OSX to use a generic kext (like the one used on the installation DVD) I could at least boot into OSX and use the terminal (once I've learned how to use it lol) or try NATIT or something with an installer to see if that works...G'night yall, off to bed
  7. DivideOverflow

    Dell XPS 410 Resource Extravaganza

    Thanks peart. I knew already about just installing Mifki, and also about USB 2.0 not working. Will try using Mifki, ICH8 and GMA950 ticked. Regarding kexts - I think there must be somewhere in boot.plist or something where you need to 'tell' OSX which kexts to use, otherwise you need to edit the kext that would be used (I assume it is the ATIX1X00.kext in my case) to recognise your hardware; I have tried editing the file in Windows (using MacDrive 7 but I need a serial!) but it didn't work...
  8. DivideOverflow

    Dell XPS 410 Resource Extravaganza

    peart75, the HD that OSX sees is NOT on RAID, but rather connected to the blue connectors on the motherboard, which seem to me to be the bootable connectors, or at least specilly designed to accommodate bootable HDs (as when I plug the empty HD to install OSX on it to the other peripheral connectors I cannot see the HD). In order to see the empty HD I have to disconnect the Windows HDs (which are in RAID stripe) and instead just plug in the empty HD. For the installation, I have the options of (from memory, may miss a few): 10.4.8 Combo Update, Mifki, Semthex, USB 2.0 fix, 10.4.4 login window fix, ATI X1X00 AGP, ATI X1X00 PCI-E, and several others I have never installed (one to do with VIA SATA chipset, can't remember the others. Hope this helps! BTW still unable to use X1300 Pro, is someone gonna tell me how to fix this (with no access to the terminal, so would have to be via MacDrive then repair permissions via OSX installation disk) or am I gonna have to wait till Leopard or get a new graphics card?! I am new to this OSX86 business, and it's rather complicated - I don't know how to force OSX to use a certain kext for graphics driver, and I don't know how to add additional kexts (I've just copied them over in Windows, but I'd imagine I'd have to edit some files to let them know the file is there, or reset kext cache or something that I seem to remember briefly reading about). Any technical help would be much appreciated!
  9. DivideOverflow

    Dell XPS 410 Resource Extravaganza

    slave-zeo, update us!! I just wanted to let everyone know that I reinstalled (reformatted the HD for the millionth time!) and just installed 10.4.8 combo update, the ICH8 kext and the ati X1000 PCI-Express kext and no joy - computer restarts after the Apple boot screen should disappear and the login window appear. I have USB support now when OSX boots but it doesn't seem to respond to my keystrokes; I'm unable to boot to firewire target mode or in verbose mode, which is rather frustrating! Looks like I might have to do the booting into Windows, using MacDrive, booting into OSX installation DVD to repair permissions method, which takes ages Anyone got a better idea? I'm not even sure it is the graphics card that is the issue causing reboot as I cannot use verbose mode!! Does anyone know how I can 'force' OSX to use its default drivers for the most basic display (as it does work on the installation DVD)?
  10. DivideOverflow

    Dell XPS 410 Resource Extravaganza

    Hey everyone, I'm so glad I found this thread! This is my very post on the forum... I am new to OSX86 (but not to OSX, I own a MacBook). I've got a Dell Dimension 9200, with a RAID stripe and I would really like to get OSX working on my machine. I have downloaded countless versions of OSX and always got the ¨waiting for root device¨ message. The only version that managed to reach the installer stage was CruOpium's repackaged version which I believe has in-built support for the ICH8 controller. Anyway, I have tried multiple variations JaS' additional kexts (thanks for the tip about unchecking USB 2.0 support, as I have always been ticking it; I will have to reinstall again and see if keyboard+mouse work). OSX would install fine but will not go past the boot screen. I have ATI X1300 Pro 256MB, which I have looked online and can't really find a solution (I tried tinkering with the ATIX1000.kext via MacDrive as I couldn't get to the terminal due to keyboard+mouse not working and then repairing permissions by booting from the installation DVD). CMM3, I had the same problem you have with HD not appearing in disk utility. It is important that you open the computer up and make sure that the HD you want to install OSX on (in my case I ordered an extra HD for this purpose) is plugged in to the BLUE connectors above the RAM bays (there are also 4 SATA bays to the right of these connectors, where the DVD drives etc will be connected. I think the blue connectors are for RAID but I'm not sure, in any case for OSX installation the HD needs to be plugged into there (I think it may also need to stay connected to the blue connectors to boot, as I got the no access error logo when I tried plugging the HD in to the other connectors and booting OSX. In my case, I think I will plug the OSX and one of my Windows HDs (from the 2 in RAID currently) into the blue connectors and have an extra HD plugged in to the additional connectors. I think I will probably have to disable RAID. Does anyone have any ideas how to fix the graphics issue? OSX boots into the light-blue screen but the mouse cursor does not appear and the system just freezes (Again, unchecking the USB support may solve this, I will report back). I have a Dell FP19 screen, and when connected by DVI in OSX the screen would just go black; I then plugged in an analogue cable and the aforementioned light-blue screen showed up. I suspect once the graphics card situation is sorted out I can see if DVI will work or just analogue. Hope this helps you CMM3