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  1. [Test] OS X 10.11 su Asus Z97-PRO(Wi-Fi ac)

    ...allora ho fatto passi avant con CLOVER i...devo riuscire ad attivare il Bluetooth , ed infine l'audio dopo lo stand-by....qualche idea?
  2. [Test] OS X 10.11 su Asus Z97-PRO(Wi-Fi ac)

    Ok adesso va....mi puoi mandare in posta i kext essenziali per attivare audio wi-fi e Bluetooth ? eber@eberdimarti.com ....cosi provo a vedere se va tutto....grazie
  3. [Test] OS X 10.11 su Asus Z97-PRO(Wi-Fi ac)

    Ciao ragazzi io ho questa scheda madre..ma quando faccio il boot da clover mi si ferma al Bluetooth e si riavvia....contate che ho disabilitato tutte le periferiche dal bios Ethernet wi-fi Bluetooth controller ed ho selezionato la scheda video di base perché ho una vidi a che va con i web driver
  4. [Test] OS X 10.11 su Asus Z97-PRO(Wi-Fi ac)

    Ciao ragazzi anche voglio aggiornare a El Capitan....qualcuno può postare il pacchetto di kext da iniettare su clover?
  5. Acer v3-771g Mountain Lion

    Ok Warmato for enable my nvidia gt650m 2 giga, i need to flash bios with modded 1.12?....if yes can i install in my system who have 2.16 bios and windows 8? ... have a kext for sd card? ...tomorrow to reinstall ml ok i have install bios 2.18 ...and know exist a method for downgrade bios?....and my question is the modded bios 1.12 is only solution for work nvidia gt 650?...thanks
  6. Acer v3-771g Mountain Lion

    wartomato have a news?....about nvidia 650m?...thanks for all
  7. Acer v3-771g Mountain Lion

    oks for wireless i chenge the card wth 9285...and working great but i haven't blutooth....now wait for gt 650 ...thanks for all...i have problem with one that 2 usb 2.0 only one working the usb 3 work only low voltage pheripheral but i know that the problem is in the 10.8.2 and mountain lion ....excuseme for my english i'm italian
  8. Acer v3-771g Mountain Lion

    wartomato any news? exist a modded bios for swith graphic card?...now in www.acer.com find the new bios 2.16
  9. Acer v3-771g Mountain Lion

  10. Acer v3-771g Mountain Lion

    Oks now after few days of work now i resolve more problem....but i need bluetooth active with id and wireless ....anyone can help me?
  11. Atheros AR5BWB222 (AR9462)

  12. Atheros AR5BWB222 (AR9462)

    ....any idea for working this wireless? PCI168c,30
  13. Acer v3-771g Mountain Lion

    i have one problem...mic not working in audio kext ...anyone modded kext?
  14. Acer v3-771g Mountain Lion

    Oks With iatkos ML2 i have installed: Keyboard and Mouse Sound Battery After i install Efistrings for HD4000 and work Now i have 2 UBS working of 4 (2 are USB3.0 and not working) i Need the active card reader and Geforce 650M 2GB and work about stability sistem kext Who can Help me?
  15. Acer v3-771g Mountain Lion

    Oks Friends...this is my work ...in my acer v3 771g with i7 3630Qm work: audio with no mic BlueTooth work suppose Native Keyboard but not mouse touchpad Usb3 rsee but not working i have problem with my video card Geforce GT 650M with 2 giga ram and with wireless Atheros AR5BWB222 with USB3.0 Intel ...any news?