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  1. Its pretty odd that widescreen displays are not supported. Do you think this could have something to do with the screens not being detected? The macbook pro comes with a widescreen display but maybe it uses other drivers?
  2. I think the people that say intel gma 950 is this greatest thing ever are deluded Apple fanboys. You could put a celeron in a mac and suddenly it would be the best thing ever for these guys. PCs have had better hardware for a long time hence the change by apple. I think most people here are more impressed with the operating system than the hardware. Yes macs have had cool designs for a long time but cool designs don't support the latest software hardware etc. I applaud apple for making the move because their claims just weren't cutting mustard. Now they have machines that are on par with dell and like. The mac mini has a great design and to price out one of the small form factor optiplexes it comes to around 800-900 and it also has intel gma. I think a lot of people here either need to 1. Quit being so damn cheap or 2. Get a better job I know I'll get flamed for this but just wanted to put my ideas out there I don't think its overpriced at all. I'm still waiting for the next processor/dvd upgrade for the macbook pro though seeing that my $1300 dell inspiron still outperforms it.
  3. I think this has something to do with IO ranges and memory ranges. I was wondering if anyone has tried to hack current ATI9700 driver to accept the correct IO/memory ranges? I am trying to figure it out tell me if I'm crazy I just found this inside the ATI9700 driver. It looks like an error handling part but looks like it might point to not finding it on the PCI:E bus. ATI_PCIe:startupPCIeGART () (findPCICapability(kIOPCIPCIExpressCapability) failed, IGNORING...)..ATIRadeon9700::wait_for_rb_space: Overflowed block waiting for FIFO space. Have %lu, need %lu. RBBM_STATUS 0x%08x.....set_display_mode_and_vram failed. This error matches up with the error that comes up in the system log. Feb 19 20:02:30 admins-computer kernel[0]: ATIRadeon9700::wait_for_rb_space: Overflowed block waiting for FIFO space. Have 0, need 5. RBBM_STATUS 0x80114100 I will look into it more to see if I can find out what is actually going on. As a side note could someone tell me a good hex editor for OSX?
  4. How can Apple make gaming better?

    LOL now thats a conspiracy theory if I ever heard one you do know that it would also make older opengl games suck ass too right? don't you think people would be like.. "Hey your new OS is slow! Nobody buy it!"
  5. New Vista Build, New Problems

    Why defile mac hardware by putting a micro$oft os on it?
  6. Maxxuss Patches for 10.4.5 released

    Maxxus, I don't think many people really appreciate what you're doing here.. Like it doesn't take time and energy to do this stuff I just want to say thankyou. You have inspired me to learn how to code for a mac. I've stayed away before from applescript etc. But you've started a whole revolution almost like when linux first came out people hackin' it trying to make it work on their systems allthough that revolution being mostly legal thanks again keep up the good work.
  7. I've installed 10.4.4 on an external usb hd following maxxuss's instructions. After installing on the usb drive I set the bios to boot from the usb hd and it seemed to work fine. So far with a base install of 10.4.4 networking didn't work and sound was a little choppy so I copied over the kexts from 10.4.3. Regarding the video card I don't think there is a replacement out yet. I just hope that when the new model of inspiron 6000 comes out that the form factor is the same and we can somehow use new card. Probably an ati 1600 or something like that. Allthough as a side note for 10.4.4 I haven't been able to get windows networking to work and for some reason ssl protected webpages won't load. Anyone have any ideas of why?
  8. So far the x300 mobile for the inspiron 6000 doesn't work with the current ATI drivers in 10.4.3 and 10.4.4 I don't see much luck of it either. It will boot up but gets stuck at the blue screen and won't load the login window. WARNING THIS DOES NOT WORK I'M JUST TELLING YOU HOW TO FIND OUT FOR YOURSELF THAT IT DOESN'T WORK DON'T BLAME ME IF YOU HOSE YOUR SYSTEM. For anyone else telling you to edit the kexts. If you want to try they are in /System/Library/Extensions the one that uou are looking for is the ATIRadeon9700.kext inside that there is a Folder called contents and inside that there is a file called Info.plist there is a section inside that file that has a list of device ids you can identify them by 0x"Deviceid"1002 deviceid= something like 5460 which is what it is for the 128mb x300 in the inspiron. You can find it in the system profiler under "Graphics/Displays". Add your device id to that list of ids and save. Delete Extensions.kextcache and Extensions.mkext and reboot.. but you know what? it won't post all the way. By the way if it doesn't boot turn off the computer press F8 and at the bootload type -x this will load in safemode so you can unscrew your screwup SOMETHING THAT DOES WORK. To get your trackpad to work with tapping delete the Appletrackpad kext inside the ApplePs2 whatever kext. Reboot Surprise Surprise you can tap instead of clicking Hopefully someone will tinker with the ATI stuff enough and figure it out.. theres lots of people with inspiron 6000s
  9. It’s a fact of life when you have a company that deals in proprietary hardware they are going to do things their own way. Plenty of companies have their own way of doing things. Have you ever opened up an old HP or Compaq? Or dare I say it an old IBM? They all had their own little tricks to upgrading. The fact is that unless you build your own PC where you get to choose components etc. 9 out of 10 times you are going to run into issues with upgrading. The fact that the new Imacs use notebook ram is probably because they use the new core duo chipset which is so far mostly made for notebooks.
  10. Frankly I don't think Apple will ever release their OS for regular PCs they make too much on hardware. Even when the new Apple X86 pcs come out their prices will be much higher than a much better Dell system which has a better warranty etc. To release OSX for regular PCs would make Apple more money in the short term on sales but those $5000+ computers make them a hell of a lot more.
  11. dell inspiron 9100

    I have an inspirion 6000 with a broadcom adapter this happens to me too. The only way I've found out how to fix this is to do a complete poweroff and then reboot into OSX the funny thing is that it doesn't do it when I go from OSX to XP. I've also heard that if you set it to try to boot from network in the bios it will reset some register that XP sets in the card's memory. Hope this helps.
  12. Success - Dell Inspiron 1000

    Specs: Inspiron 6000 1.6 ghz Pentium M 1.25 gigs of ram 60 gig hd ATI X300 128M Did a fresh install from the dev DVD working; sound,graphics,networking With the patches for sse2 I've been able to run lots of apps successfully. Sometimes it does freeze up and I have to reboot. Unfortunately I'm stuck at 1024x768 very fuzzy Also my dell lcd monitor won't do 1280x1024 for some reason I'm guessing its a refresh mode issue but setting it in the bootloader hasn't helped anyone have any ideas?
  13. Java SDK 1.5 (5.0)

    I've found that clearing out and turning off the cache seems to make more apps run stable. Weird things to happen I know but its worth a try if all else fails