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  1. I have the Asus H370 and I "think" I can use your hot patch as the chipset is the same. Advice? I am using USBinjectall now and working. I have not tackled sleep or sound yet, but have a functioning system. Oddly sound worked initially. I have a USB sound device that is flawless so I have not spent much time on it. How would you tweak your guid if you were using a maxwell card?
  2. blueridgedog

    El Capitan: Realtek ALC AppleHDA Audio

    Thanks. Method one worked on my Asus P5 X38 motherboard with built in ALC8888. Basically it loaded a realtec kext for clover to load and configured clover to patch AppleHDA on boot. Not only is this working, but is nearly update proof.
  3. Any good suggestions for alternatives? Reasons: Mail can't easily get mail from exchange 2003 (my IOS devices do it easily, but not OSX). Calendar has some wacky fake leather look that is painful Contacts also has a fake look to it...painful to use