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    problemas con p5kpl-am

    buenas a todos. acabo de adquirir una placa base asus P5KPL-AM con core2quad 9300 me dispongo a instalar pero no hay mnera de que ni iatkos 4i 5i ideneb 1.3 arranque la parte grafica para poder instalar si alguien me puede ayudar se lo agradeceria gracias de nuevo
  2. disable funcions keys ? thks
  3. gironz

    leopard on a pc?

    sorry the error is in boot failed to load com.apple.drivers.AppleACPIPlatform couldn´t alloc class AppleACPIPlatformExpert
  4. gironz

    leopard on a pc?

    first sorry but my english is very little. i´m 10.5 patch whit jas 10.4.6 patch ok but non run error extensions i am working regards gironz
  5. is posible patch the iso more languaje for install in other languaje? i apply patch languaje but i have problems in osx safari is english thks and sorry my english