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  1. I found out that Photoshop and other Adobe products cannot be run normally on my AMD Ryzen Sierra Hackintosh. I've tested it with both CC and CS6 trials of Photoshop and Illustrator. All crash at splash screen. Is it a general issue with AMD systems? Is there a solution? My About this mac tab says "CPU unknown". Maybe this is the source of the problem? Can it be solved using Fake cpuid or something? So many questions. I searched over Internet to find out and found nothing
  2. galova

    Change CPU Name in About this Mac

    This is actually what I suspect with pro software making weird things. I really need making Adobe hellware work on my hackintosh pc. Adobe are known for "special" approach to their software. So whatever it be - wrong cpu name, cpuid or something else, retrieved from system environment during initialization process when it starts and, application may get some variables, which do not match hardware specific conditions set within programming. I guess that Adobe never considered running native osx ports of their applications to be running on non-Apple machine so they didn't include AMD cpu to its running presets. Pro software is mostly hardware dependent, so I think it always asks the computer what hardware environment is onboard to start some processes with specific configuration presets. Like "Here we got Xeon 8 core 16 threads and Radeon GPU some model 6GB RAM, set CPU optimization preset number 8, use GPU OpenCL 2.1". When it gets some wrong data during intialization it may crash. This is what I suspect. My CPU is AMD Ryzen 5 1600. I wonder how I make OS X think it's some closest Intel analog to be sure it can run same commands so that Photoshop or any other software would see no difference.
  3. galova

    Change CPU Name in About this Mac

    Hi Shaneee! My About this Mac tab shows Processor unknown I'm running Sierra 12.6 with Ryzen 5 1600 cpu. Is there a way to fake the CPU to make it suggest it's some Xeon or something instead of name hacking? I suspect this may be a reason why Adobe soft fails to run on my machine. It crashes on splash screen. I tried both Photoshop and Illustrator and it crashes. I may be wrong but maybe it needs some "correct answer" about the cpu from OS to initialize application engine. It gets some weird data and it makes it crash. Will you help please?
  4. galova

    Ryzen Clover Installation Guide macOS Sierra

    I have successfully installed Sierra 12.6 with updated Bronya Ryzen kernel with Clover bootloader. I got Ryzen 5 1600 cpu, ASUS Prime B350-plus mobo and Radeon HD6850 gpu. But I have issues with sleep and I can't make Adobe software work. I tried both Photoshop CC and Illustrator CC trials and both crash on splash screen. I found some temporary solution to this by removing some plugins from application packages, but it is a bad way really. Is there some other solution? Please help. I can't find much info to this issue.