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  1. i had exactly the same problem, it's because you are using an IDE CRROM reader. i switch the IDE CDROM to usb and it works.
  2. zapoutix

    Steam and Cider, Is it possible?

    Steam works great on cross over, i don't know for cider.
  3. zapoutix

    Display goes black

    switch to DVI port on your video card
  4. zapoutix

    Porting team

    i am trying to play to WarRock, the game works fine just Punkbuster does not work ... Many online games are using punkbuster, it will be great if it can works.
  5. zapoutix

    WarRock on mac

    Anyone get punkbuster working ?
  6. zapoutix

    WarRock on mac

    hi there, i would like to play War Rock game on my hackintosh, i have installed succefully with CrossOver, but when i try to lunch it the screen become back, and i can hear the music of the game, also navigation menu sound. The game is working, just the screen become black. i tried with cider also but i had the same issue. i am using Leopard 10.5.4 retail DVD method. GForce 8600 GT with EFI String, i also tried NVKush but i got the same issue. any ideas ? Thanks, Math EDIT: Solved: i have to switch to DVI port
  7. zapoutix

    Radeon Xpress 200M

    we can t see the knowledge of a person with the number of post he did. i know i am a beginner in the Hackintosh domain but i had been using Linux for 4 years. I know what is a terminal and so on.. and maybe for some others users who didn t post already know also. i sent the post for support and encourage thedopefishlives, and of course i will do my best and try many times a future beta version before ask stupid questions. i think, in this forum there are enough information for install your Hackintosh without post any question. i will do what i can for make this project successful.
  8. zapoutix

    Radeon Xpress 200M

    i am waiiting too for test on my laptop HP compaq nx6125. i will be here for test any beta version
  9. zapoutix

    10.4.9 new kernel install (8.8.1) + driver video (ATI & nVidia)

    bonjour, je suis nouveau dans le monde de macosX et j'aimerais avoir la version "JaS 10.4.8 - PPF1 for x200M Chipset" qui se trouve sur demoniod car j'ai un laptop HP compaq nx6125, et j'ai donc besoin du driver pour ce chipset. Le probleme est qu'il faut un code d'invitation pour pouvoir s'inscrire. Si quelqu un aurait le temps d'envoyer une invitation a zapoutix (at) gmail (dot) com Merci et a bientot sur MacosX